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  1. Did anyone else have this issue with treatment not being approved? He only has 18 more days left. I am trying to keep positive.
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    Yes. I think that anyone that has dealt with rehab has dealt with this.

    I remember being shaken to my core when the insurance approval was in the mix.

    The best thing in this journey from HELL that we did was get ours into a faith based program that has NOTHING TO DO WITH INSURANCE!

    Yippee hooray is all I can say.

    We have had to pay a small amount per month and our son works off some of it and now he is in the final stages of his program and HE pays a percent of his paycheck. This is the best thing yet because he is learning that money doesn't grow on trees.

    They need to be in long term treatment usually. At least our son did. 30 days did nothing for him. Many treatments of 30 days. He would leave sober but go back to using within a few months. That was his coping mechanism and his brain would always lead him back to that comfortable place.
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    Our experience has been the same as rn with treatment. The bottom line for these facilities is payment and risk management. The stability of their patients as a result of their machinations to address their bottom line seems not to be a factor.

    My son relapses immediately because he is encouraged to view his issues as secondary to mental illness and treatment compliance instead of personal choice and personal responsibility.

    As such in a sense, treatment of this sort is destabilizing because it encourages contingencies, the dependence on them.

    But, in my view, they are not reliable. Because there is no real commitment by them. I will not say all but many are committed to other things than to patient welfare. Sad.

    The only recovery comes from inner direction. The awareness that I am responsible for me and my life. And that I am in a relationship with a thou. This occurs in a faith based program.
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    I've had the same experience. My son was denied admittance to the only rehab with beds that my insurance covered. The insurance 'care coordinator' quit returning my calls. My son saw it as another failure in our parenting in him that we couldn't get him help. It was a nightmare. Also, he was in a behavioral hospital for threatening his life when he was 17 and they only covered 7 days. Our 'safety plan' was to lock up our knives. We were devastated. Most places around here have closed their inpatient facilities and are going to IOP which is readily covered by insurance, but usually with a hefty copay for each session.

    I don't know how old your son is or the situation, but if he's serious you may look into that as an option. Especially if your son is motivated. Although I couldn't really understand the difference between AA and Celebrate Recovery meetings that are free or IOP. But my son only went once. I will consider the faith based option that RN's mentions if he ever expresses a desire for recovery again.
    Good luck with all of this. I hope it all works out. I think you are right to stay positive. My son picked up on my anxiety and frustration and while I'm not taking the blame for anything, I know it didn't help him at all.
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    We had the same problem and had to pay out of pocket for an additional 30 days. We found out later that the program had a scholarship program that the residents could apply for, need based. We would not have qualified but you should ask if they have such a program.