Intermittant fasting part xxxxx

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    Ok so I am still eating one meal a day. Its one BIG meal but I eat from 12-1 and am not hungry before/after. I think my body adjusted. I feel great. Not tired or anything. Drink coffee and water and once in a while diet soda before/after. I walj 10k steps a day and sometimes work out at the gym but not every day.

    I was 142. This was before I started and made me think I need to lose some again.

    I am 121.

    We met my daughter for lunch yesterday and she said "Mom, you look skinny. Please dont lose anymore weight. I dont want you to get sick."

    I dont think that is accurate but I look good, weightwise. I am no longer trying to lose weight.

    I don't count calories. I eat fairly healthy but I always tend to eat healthier food.

    Just an update for anyone interested in intermittent fasting.
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