Intermittent Fasting

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    Yeah. That makes sense. It really is a watch. Thank you, Walrus.
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    Cop a, thanks for explaining.
    This no food or lots is drinking after 6 has been very helpful indeed.
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    I thin
    I think I will stick with Weight Watchers and Myfitnesspal. I am already miserable only consuming 1200 calories a day. I can't imagine only being allowed 500 calories a day and being happy. I am pretty sure I would be walking around on miserable bxxxx. At least with Weight Watchers I don't have to starve.Yes, the weight will come off slower, but at least, for me, it will be tolerable. Good luck to everyone else on the fasting diet. I will still be checking in to see how everybody is doing.
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    Sorry, I only perused last several posts. I wish I could recall the name of the book (my medications mess with my memory) but years ago I read a book that had some interesting studies about weight/diets.

    It said that a very high percentage of people miscalculate their portion sizes. Even when making an honest effort. This is why I like my fitness pal and it would even be better to weigh the food, which I only do on and off.

    I found something that I've noticed before to be of benefit. I definately lack potassium when dieting, esp when I eat below 1000 calories. I guess this could be part of the reason it is usually not advisable to fall so low in calories...but I often diet by eating only 900 calls daily.

    I am drinking a little Vitamin Water Zero. The one high in potassium called "Revive." I noticed on ce before it helped me, but thought maybe it was my imagination. I'm fairly sure since this is the second time I got more energy the next day, I think there is something to it. I drank almost half a bottle yesterday and felt better today. I am sipping the other half a bottle today. It has fake sugar, so I don't think it wise (or necessary) to drink a ton of it. I'm thinking one or two bottles a week, half a bottle at a time. I don't know.

    I also swear that drinking LOTS of water in between meals will make your weight loss faster. My BEST WW leader told me this. I did not believe her. I dreaded doing this and am seriously stubborn. I was following the WW diet to the letter, exercising, drinking a little water and consistently losing 1/2 pound a week, week after week. Ok, at least I was losing and going in the right direction, but felt frustrated. She made me promise to drink the required water intake at the time (this was over ten years ago) , but I think it was six glasses daily. She said to drink most of it between meals. Sooooo, for one week, consist nt ly, I drank six glasses of water, mostly between meals. For me, hard as hell. I lived in the bathroom. I hated every minute of it. I got to the next meeting and weighed in. I lost SIX pounds. I lost SIX pounds in one week and the only thing I did differently was drink a lot of water daily, mostly between meals. I almost passed out. I screamed. Lots of water in my humble opinion is helpful. Very helpful.

    And yet, I still have trouble doing that today. But, I do notice when I get serious with myself, I drink lots of water mostly between meals and the scale MOVES!
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    I am bad about drinking water. I am a diet coke and coffee fanatic. I know they are both bad for me, and I need to cut way back. I can't tolerate plain water. I do buy my kids no calorie flavored sparkling water, and sometimes have that, but it has aspartame in it, ,which sort of defeats the purpose. I need a good brand of naturally flavored water with little to no calories, and aspartame free, and then I think I can commit to the water challenge more seriously.