Kratem (maybe spelled wrong)


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My son was addicted to Kratom when he lived with us. I believe it’s supposed to help (or substitute) opioid withdrawal/use.
He would buy it with the money he made occasionally working for dear husband.

It can be purchased legally at smoke shops over the counter.

My son would take a lot of it to feel high. He acted kind of angry as he came off of it.

I had a real problem with him taking this supplement. The last time he was at home before he went back to California and died, he insisted that I drive him up to the smoke shop and buy him some of this or “there would be trouble at our house.” I said, “No more! You’ve got to leave!” The police being brought into our brand new home in a new neighborhood was not going to happen this time for husband and I.

Of course my son would abuse anything he got a hold of.

I’m sorry Kay has so many problems and traumatized your family so much over the years.
It’s a never ending recovery for us as their parents…While they stay stuck or worse from their addictions.


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Kratom is a spice that grows on trees in Asia. The effects are very similar to pain pills. It’s legal in every state except Indiana. I hear the side effects are horrible, but that it really helps chronic pain and withdrawal symptoms from opioids.


My son, who had a spinal fusion, and many complications, used Kratom successfully to get off pain medications without withdrawals. I researched it, and a friend told me about a segment on the TV show, The Doctor's, and a doctor I used to work for was on it! He had moved out of state several years ago. If anyone wants to Google it... try... (the doctors show kratom Dr. Holcomb) they had doctors on both sides of the issue. Also, kratom was suggested by another doctor for my son's condition. My son was diagnosed with adhesive arachnoiditis. When I googled that, the first thing I read that it was like having stage 4 cancer without the relief of death!! It is when the nerves in your spinal canal adhere to the inside of the spinal canal instead of floating freely in spinal fluid.

Anyway, the doctor gave me the email of someone on the show and I contacted him. That person gave me a link to a website, the Kratom Bible, that had info online and reputable suppliers. There are different types of kratom, some for calming effects, some for pain relief.

When doctors cut back on pain medications for chronic pain patients, kratom provided an option for pain relief and to reduce withdrawal symptoms. It is not an opioid, but uses the same microglial brain receptors that opioid uses.

I ordered sample packs, and once my son tried them and found a blend that helped, I ordered a supply, along with large empty capsules. We put the powder into the capsules. Or you can make a tea.

Like any substance, people can abuse it. My son got off pain medications and said it helped, and had less side effects. I would not purchase from smoke shops locally.

Anyway, just my 2 cents...