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Son came over around 9:30 last night (was supposed to be earlier but never showed) with some girl to do his laundry. He hung out in the backyard with my daughter and boyfriend. I didn't like this they were smoking cigarettes which we despise - but apparently they were drinking too or had been drinking. I went to bed, knowing I shouldn't but so tired - and 30 minutes later woke up to the smell of bleach. Went into the kitchen and husband says that son had puked all over the kitchen while trying to get to the bathroom. Said he had to walk outside before cleaning to get his bearings. Son left right after that - guess he didn't want to be ridden out on a rail. Normally he would love the rail challenge but with the girl he was meek. I hope she wasn't too drunk to drive. Husband offered to drive them for the sake of getting them out but they refused. He has never been able to have a relationship with another girl. This is why. He is an embarrassment to himself. No self control, the anxiety of being around a girl I think leads him to over intoxicate himself. Vicious cycle. She will not last long.
Husband was so disgusted, we have had to do this so many times. It just seems he throws up all the time, no matter what drug or alcohol he is on. It's either to an excess or something is just wrong with him. I am sad this morning. I am worried but he seemed to have made it to where he's staying ok according to locator. But you hear of ppl drowning in vomit all the time. Such a disgusting creature, he really needs help.
I have been on a weight loss journey (lifestyle change) the last month so I suppose it is more poignant to me now how little self-care this man has. I was already overweight but have been gaining rapidly since my son was kicked out. Stress I suppose. I will keep on focusing on myself. It's all I can do.


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Ugh how awful to have to deal with.

Yes your son does need help.

My son used to vomit a lot too. In fact when we moved out of state my husband had to stay in our home in Chicago for a few weeks to finish up work so he used son's room, desk and old bed since we knew we were getting rid of it.

When he finally threw it out he said there was puke all over the box springs and there was even mold. He said it was so disgusting.

So ya, I get the whole puke thing.

If your son is okay with living like he is - homeless I think? - then you have no control of making him get help unfortunately.

Take care of you. Get your health back to where it needs to be. That is what I have done too. Agree that is is sickening to watch someone have so much self hate they try to destroy themselves, but they don't see it that way.


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Who knows what he is taking. He will take anything that is around. And he throws up on all of it. Because he doesn't know when to stop.

RN - he's not homeless per se. Couch surfing with a friend and managing to keep a job down and pay the guy and his wife I guess. Bunch of ppl in that house though. That won't last long once the landlord finds out, but I'm not jumping ahead for him anymore.


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Bluebell I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that. It’s hard when they bring their disfunction home and leave you to clean up the (literal and figurative) mess. I think staying focused on your own self care is an excellent idea. Hugs.


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What's funny is I can't get the vision of my husband standing in the kitchen with a mop going 'HE WAS OUTSIDE! WHY COULDN'T HE JUST STAY OUTSIDE TO PUKE?' Ok not funny but still...


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What's funny is I can't get the vision of my husband standing in the kitchen with a mop going 'HE WAS OUTSIDE! WHY COULDN'T HE JUST STAY OUTSIDE TO PUKE?' Ok not funny but still...
Kinda like our cat who will ONLY puke on the carpet, never on the tile!


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Ohn this brought back the distinct memory of my son coughing hacking and puking every single morning like an ancient man with emphysema. Smoking tobacco with pot in a bong but they called poppers. I'm so sorry that you're going through this it's terrible.