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  1. ksm

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    my almost 21 yo recently started on this medication. she was given 3 weeks of samples.

    Growing up, we went thru many diagnosis...

    ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, DMDD, FASD.

    Several months ago she asked to go back and see her psychologist, because of her mood swings and impulsivity was messing up her relationships. She got the referral... Didn't take the medications for four days, now says she's taken them three times. It's one a day.

    Today she told me the name of the Rx. Latuda. I looked it up and the usual monthly cost is $1,200 a month! Even with our BCBS we may not be able to afford that!

    Plus, she seems manic today. She seems manic pretty often. Plans on moving about 75 miles with this guy, getting a job, and lots of wierd stuff. At least wierd to me. The guy is married, but "seperated from wife. But living with wife and young child. But they all get along. My head is spinning. Plus he's a personsal work out coach that gave her a meal and work out plan. And she's thinking about going into body building...and maybe modeling.... And on and on and on. Mania? Or just plain wierd? My head is spinning. Oh, he's picking her up tomorrow do they can all spend the weekend together.

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    I found this on the Latuda site. Maybe this will help. I was on a similar program for one of my diabetes medications,and we also have Blue cross.

    Find Out More
  3. ksm

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    I had gone to that site, and I will try to call after 8am. But I don't know if she will be eligible. They said that people with Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and other state and federal plans are not eligible. We have federal BCBS....

    Plus, now I'm worried about if it's the right medication. I read that it's for bipolar depression. Yesterday I spent 6 hours with her as she came home with three loads of laundry.

    I think she's more in a manic phase. New guy. New plans. He's a physical trainer and "certified nutritionist". Which, from his FB page seems to mean...pushing pushing all kinds of supplements. So now she's planning on body building and competing and modeling.

    Last month it was training to be a competing barrel racer. And no, she doesn't have a horse. Or ever tried barrel racing.

    Sigh... I hope the Latuda isn't contributing to the mania.

  4. RN0441

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    Do you think it's possible that she is bipolar? It kind of sounds like you think she is by the use of the word "mania".

    Does she do drugs? That stirs everything up the wrong way as we all know.

    The idea of her and guy and wife is creepy to me also. He's got it made in that deal but not sure what's in it for your gd.

    Is she on your insurance?
  5. ksm

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    RNO441 - her biomom has been diagnosis as bipolar. We've had the "mood disorder" diagnosis for 3+years. But for the last 3 years she refused treatment or seeing the psychologist until recently. I'm not allowed to know anything, since she's an adult. But, I just feel that she isn't adult enough to advocate for herself.

    When she was about 14 they gave her generic Prozac, and it sent her in to rages.

  6. ksm

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    She did tell me that our long term psychologist thought she should see someone to try medications for bipolar. Also, the same psychiatric told me when she used the DMDD diagnosis is what they used instead of bipolar for teens...

    That they don't usually use bipolar until older. Ksm
  7. GoingNorth

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    I have bipolar with severe depression and mixed states being my primary symptoms. I've been on Latuda for about 4 years.

    It works well on me at 80 mg per day, but an attempt at increasing the dosage sent me manic. It is not advised for patients whose primary sx is mania.

    In addition, it can cause severely elevated blood lipids, as well as the usual atypical AP side effects.

    It sounds like Latuda is not the right medication for her at all and that she may benefit more from one of the older (and cheaper) APs that target mania.

    And yes, Latuda is horribly expensive. The only reason I can get it is that I have VA insurance and access to their medications-by-mail program where I can get 90 days worth of Latuda free of charge.
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  8. ksm

    ksm Well-Known Member

    I called our insurance... It's not a preferred drug, and no generic available. We would be responsible for 60%. It averages between 1,200 to 1,300 a month. So, $700 a month.

    I went to the Latuda website. They do have pt assistance, but woulspd still need to pay about 120 a month, in addition to what my ins would pay. But, she doesn't live at home, has more medical bills, which I have been covering.

    She's horrible about taking medications and following up.

    Why would they give 3 weeks of samples to someone who has no means of continuing with the medications???

    Not happy. Ksm
  9. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Docs just do that. My psychiatrist wanted to trial me on Vraylar, which is even more expensive that Latuda.

    She gave me some samples. I went home, checked, and found out that it is not on the VA formulary.

    Told my psychiatrist that, and she says, "Oh, I can get you samples." For how long?

    I refused the medication.
  10. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    KSM ugh yes that is irresponsible for the doctor to do that!!

    I cannot believe how expensive it is. Good grief. I hope they are able to find something that works for her but yet is affordable.

    As you said, I did hear they use that mood disorder diagnosis for younger people.

    So hard.
  11. ksm

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    Talked to her today... Tried to ask (gently) if she was taking the samples regularly and what she thought of them. Well, she forgot to pack them when she left with new guy friend for 3 days out of town. She's had the samples for 12 days, said she's taken 3, and she may not even be honest about taking 3. Sigh.