Let's play a little game, shall we?


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I'm going to tell you a little story. The object of the game is to see if you can figure out which parts or words in the story are reeeeeeeeeeally stupid. Ready? Here goes...

difficult child and I went to get our hair cut yesterday. Normally husband and difficult child go together and go to some cheapo place but since I already had an appointment. my stylist said to go ahead and bring him. I went first and difficult child was standing there watching and talking for some of it. At one point, difficult child mentions wanting to dye his hair some freaky color. I mentally nudged myself and told myself that "Hey! This could be a good opertunity to light a fire under the little rodent's butt." So I told him that I would make him a deal. If he finished this semester with a C or better in ALL classes, he could dye his hair any color he wanted for the summer. We chatted a bit about this and difficult child asked if my stylist could do it. I told him that since it would just be for the summer, I would probably just do it myself with Kool-aid. More discussion followed and difficult child agreed to the deal.

So........did you see it? Did you find the incredibly stupid words in that paragraph? In case you didn't see THIS one coming....I get up this morning and find red alllllllll over the bathroom. In the tub, on the outside of the tub, in and over the sink, the floor, clothes in the bathroom (difficult child's fortunately), stains on the bathmat as well as chunks of what I can only assume to be slightly soggy clumps of Kool-aid mix. Of course, as soon as I figured out what it was (spotted the wrapper for the Kool-aid) I immediately realized my colossal mistake. I must have been entirely too relaxed after having my hair washed by the stylist and completely forgot who I was talking to. What the ^&*( was I thinking?????


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OMG.... He did not!!! So what did his hair look like? I know you have not and probably will not laugh about this for some time but when I read it I cracked up.

So sorry. Yes, I know the feeling we have to be sooooo careful what we say to them.

Did you make him clean up the mess? Will the stains come out?

((((((((((Huge Hugs))))))))))


Yep, yep, yep. I knew that was coming. roflol It will be funny for you in say, oh, maybe 15 years.

I have one just like him -- literal to the bone.


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OMG! Way to funny.Sorry about the mess.I hope it all cleans up!I remember when my son decided to make chocolate milk for the first time.Let's just say it looked alot like your Kool-Aid mess!It took a while to laugh about it.


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Actually, aside from some really red fingers and a slight stain at his hair line, his hair is fine. (Would have served the little bugger right to have it all freaky deaky) I'm sure he didn't have the concentration right and the top of his hair was cut with a 1 guard on the clippers so there's not too much there. Siiiiiiiiiiigh.............there's more stuff to be locked up. Who knew you'd have to lock up drink mixes???


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OMG that was my first laugh of day, thank you!! that was really way way too funny....


p.s. good luck with red dye removal.......LOL..i'm weak right now.


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:woohoo:Me....me....me....I saw it!!!!!! Well, proud of myself for knowing what was going to happen...BUT, sorry you had to go through it! Kinda reminds me of difficult child & the Nestle Quick Chocolate mix when she was 3.......heard her in the middle of the night.....there was mix from one end of the house to the other! Mixed with water in cups, all over the carpet, all over the kitchen AND the BIG one....all over the bathroom sink, tub & mixed up in the toilet with the toilet brush:furious:. Amazing what they will do! Hope everything was able to be cleaned up OK. What color was it.....purple?????


My former sister in law spent many years coloring her hair various shades of the rainbow with kool-aid. She didn't make near the mess, though.


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OMG, thank you so much for the laugh!!! I'm so sorry - but I completely missed it, completely. Wouldn't have seen it coming at all. Sigh... making a note in things *not* to say, LOL.

Hope the mess cleaned up okay - really sorry you had to deal with it.

Our kids.... but it will make a good story if/when *his* kids are driving him out of his mind, LOL.


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Another one rolling on the floor.

At least yours didin't do it with a bottle of real dye! Mine did ... new countertop, new floor, new TOILET! (did get it off the bathtub).

So, and what lesson did you learn from this? And I hope he had to clean up his mess.


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I did have the presence of mind to ask him what he did with the remainder of the Kool-aid mix. (It was in one of those plastic lemonade type containers) I got a lot of I don't knows and I don't remember before he finally broke and stomped to the bathroom, stepped up onto the toilet and grabbed the almost full (but ruined) container down from the top of the cabinet.

I dumped it down the sink. (And no, no stains there! LOL)


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I can't tell you how hard I am laughing - I know it's a big mess and not really funny but I think if you can lose yourself in the laughter it helps! When my difficult child was 4 she kept telling me casper was up her nose for two weeks. I finally took her to the doctor to check her out if nothing else just to quiet her delusions of casper being up her nose - No dilusion - she rolled up a casper band-iad and had shoved it up her little nose. Almost as funny as when she took my bright red lipstick at age 3 and made herself "pretty" - it took 3 hours to scrub it off her entire face! I treasure those moments now - glad you have new one to put into the memory banks!!!! Enjoy every moment you can!!!!!!;)


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Too funny !! Thanks for the chuckle !!!:rofl: Does he still have the chance to try again in the summer???


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Hey Kool -

Kool(aid) and the gang.....'snort'

I dont suppose this is a Kodak moment to share with board aunties?


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Hey Kool -

Kool(aid) and the gang.....'snort'

I dont suppose this is a Kodak moment to share with board aunties?
No, no pictures. I should probably check my feet though now that I think about it. I was so groggy this morning that I didn't notice the clumps in the tub (not sure I want to know how that happened) until I was in there. Normally wouldn't be a problem but our tub drains verrrry slow so there's always standing water after a couple of minutes of the shower running.


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OMG!!! I saw it!!!! It just doesn't work unless you bleach the hair first!!!

Toooooooooo Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, it brings back memories.

About a year and a half ago one of the local reporters wrote an opinion article on stupid things kids were doing, including dyeing their hair strange colors.

Well, someone on the paper didn't like her. I personally went to school with her and had very mixed feelings. mostly based on watching her parenting lack of skills and the sad way her son was affected.

AS I said, I went to high school with her. Our photography and journalism teacher submitted an article, with color photos, of this same reporter, with hair every color kool-aid came in, usually several different colors at once. Tha paper ran ALL the pics, and the article!! IT was funny to manyof us, but not to the reporter.

did I mention her coworkers didn'tlike her much?

Anyway, this will be funny in a few years. Get a picture or two to show his children when he hassles them about their hair. It's what my folks have done. And do with my difficult child.

I actually still have the bleach and dye from when difficult child wanted a blue stripe in his hair. He backed out after he earned it.

Do you want it???????

(Sorry, had to offer, the difficult child in me made me do it!)