Letting Go of difficult child with GRACE

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by 2much2recover, Dec 14, 2014.

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    (Sorry miss-spelled difficult child LOL)
    Give yourself time to understand how the difficult child's action have hurt or harmed you
    Resolve to not be victimized any longer - just say no to the control and manipulations
    Accept that he/she is what he/she is, and it's not your fault
    Communicate with others that understand you situation so they can help you make better choices 4 you
    Evolve to a place of understanding that it is THEM, not you, and that it may never change.

    You can never control others, and that is what goes on with difficult child's, they are trying to control you. Work on GRACE everyday as you heal yourself and you will come to a better place in doing the right thing for you.
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    Sure like this. It is what husband and I finally did (pretty much), thanks to this forum. Until then, we (mostly, I) fought it every step of the way.