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    My husband does not mind yard sales, but he is not as interested in them as Jess and I are. He almost never mentions that one is going on, but when he does, WOW! The first one he ever mentioned was one we happened to see a sign for. We got there as they were winding up and we got a king size waterbed in perfect shape for free! It was incredible because we were saving up for a new bed at the time.

    This morning he told me about one being held at a local convenience store chain's warehouse. It is to benefit St. Jude's. It wasn't as big as he expected, but it was well worth the trip. Once again, he picked an awesome sale. We got a short bookcase for $5 and a tall, heavy bookcase that is still in the box to be assembled for only $10. Just two weeks ago we decided that we would start buying a bookshelf or storage unit of some kind each month because there is so very little storage in our apartment. We planned to spend just $20 and get a small one this month. The large bookcase would sell for $40 at the thrift stores in our town, and probably twice that at the retail stores. I am so excited!!!

    We also got a bunch of books, most of which are authors that Jess and I really like and titles we have been looking for. I also got a family fun cookbook (I love the magazine!) and some other things. Plus an iron because ours died due to the very hard water at our old house. I found some partly worked needlepoint projects that I will pick out and then use the fabric for cross stitch. They have that look of old linen and will work very well for what I have been working on. I also got two pillow forms for projects in the works, a throw pillow in J's favorite shade of turquoise blue, and a very pretty, soft quilt. All of the items other than the shelves cost just $20, and considering I was going to buy an iron and some of the books this month, I figure we saved at least $30 by getting them at this sale!!!

    Have any of you hit any good deals or gotten any freecycle things lately?

    I am so excited!! We have needed the shelves for a long time, and the other items are ones we likely would have purchased anyway.
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    Wow, don't you love that? I never go to yard sales, but I was driving by one and saw a Little Tykes truck and a huge wagon.....they were dirty but $10 each. I cleaned them up with bleach, they look brand new. I noticed on Amazon the large wagon is $119 and the truck is $70 brand new! I should have bought the log cabin for $20, that is normally $250. I feel like knocking on their door and asking for it, I didn't know how much is sells for.

    Our little guy loves being pulled in that wagon, I had him all bundled up and put a blanket down in the middle....he was loving his fun ride all over the yard.

    Last week was his birthday, I bought him the smaller Cozy Coupe car for $50 for his house. I had to buy it brand new (wah).
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    If you check craigslist regularly you may find them there. Also ebay for local items often has that type of thing. You can search for your zip code or city on ebay. I got a little forklift that worked for niece when she was little. They are very rare, and I have not ever even seen another one. My mother has this thing about forklifts, she is just nuts over them. So she went nuts when she saw the one I got for niece. Niece loved it, used to pick up her teddy bears with it and drive them around the yard.

    At least in my area, parents are using their little tykes cars and things for fast cash when they get into a crisis. One of the pawn shops here advertised as taking little tykes items for pawn or just buying them and within two weeks they put out a sign saying they didn't take them any longer because they had so many of them.

    One nice thing about those is that even if you pay retail, the cars are super durable and when outgrown they can be sold for decent prices.

    I just LOVE garage sales!
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    UAN there is a type of spray paint you can buy for the toys like Little Tykes and make even the most faded worn ones look like new. :)

    I'm a bit brain dead right now.

    I did pick up Oliver's halloween costume a really cute tiger one for 4.00 when it's the kind that easily sells for 40.00 retail, nothing wrong with it. Found Alex a batman cape for .25 for his costume. This year I've gotten several yard bags full of yarn for next to nothing. Most of it unused.

    I did find one of those metal shopping carts the elderly tend to use when they walk to local stores for 5.00 like new. Retail is 30.00. This will likely be Katie's xmas present because they do so much walking to the store and carrying bags of food back is not fun or easy in any quantity. We do try to take her with us when we can but schedules make it difficult.

    We've been picking up classic novels for the grandchildren at yard sales and goodwill and the like for a steal all in mint condition. I am proud to say that ALL my grandchildren are addicted to books.

    I have been randomly picking up clothing items for the grands both at yard sales and via our local fb yard sale pages for ridiculous prices. This includes thermal underwear for everyone in the family. Not sure why but I feel a need to stock up on thermal undies.......

    I did find Aubrey an American Girl doll that looks as if it just came out of the box for 1.00. I just need to make her an outfit (no sweat) and it will be a xmas gift. :)

    I went shopping in Amish country and picked up all the grandsons had carved wooden pistols with real leather holsters for 5.00 each. So if anyone has a suggestion on wear to look for quality belts for said holsters cheap I'd appreciate the tip. lol

    AWESOME finds Susie and UAN. I am always alert to a fabulous deal these days. Sadly it is the ONLY way I can buy anything that isn't absolutely necessary. *sigh*
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    Find your local freecycle and post a wanted message for the belts.

    I am looking for beads, buttons, and old jewelry for some xmas shirts I want to make this year. I saw an offer post for a bag of clothes and a box of books and 'stuff'. O. M. G. The stuff is amazing. Some very interesting books, two stainless steel travel mugs - very nice because husband recently broke two travel mugs and now doesn't have one that fits into the pocket of his backpack - both in nice shape, two old phones, a very small sombrero that will fit Captain PERFECTLY for Halloween, an mp3 player that looks like it might be a genuine Ipod, a 4 mb Ipod, and an 8 mb Ipod touch. We don't yet know if the ipods work, but if they don't a store here will buy them for $20 each, or we might be able to get them repaired for less than buying new ones of other brands. I was shocked to see them in the box because they still have a decent resale value at least around here.

    I was so amazed at all the stuff, and very thankful also!