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    Hi. My daughter is 16.5, severe social anxiety. She is also depressed. She is on 60 mg Prozac for about 2 years. I don't think it is working at all. She is now enrolled in a non public school but has only gone one day in two weeks, plus anther day that she "eloped" after 2 hours.
    Her psychiatrist who we will be leaving, will only prescribe Prozac. Does anyone have a teen that is on a different SSRI?
    Any advice for me?
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    Everyone is different. I take an Ssri that is a miracle for me, but many cant tolerate it.

    There is no pill that alone will change anyones life. Therapy is very important too. Is she getting therapy? All alone, medications can help depression but do not change ones personality.
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    She is not. She had a bad experience with therapists. To see the psychiatrist, we had to see a therapist, and the first thought she was naughty, and we kept changing therapists in the practice to keep the psychiatrist, but they never could see her, as a very frightened autistic child. She will glare if she is frightened, maybe that is what made them not see her for who she is. Now she does not want to see another therapist.
    So right now she has no psychiatrist. I am just wondering when/if I find one, if teens are ever prescribed any other SSRI besides Prozac? I am wondering if maybe that one just doesn't work for my daughter, and maybe another would be more helpful?
    She is actually a very sweet, very sensitive, anxious person.
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    The district found her a very nice therapist that hopefully she will see (she would come to the school), but my daughter just can't/won't go to school right now. She barely has gone since middle school.
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    See a psychologist instead. They have more training than a plain counsrlor. Make sure they understand autism or you are right...they cant help. My son actually learned to tolerate and socialize with people with school anxiety is a part of autism. Autism is a developmental delay and communication difficulty, but not due to mental illness. My son is 90% better as an autistic adult and many of his childhood fears subsided. He is on his own and he very beloved by all. He is not as shy as he used to be.

    I would do all to get her in a small classroom. My son woyld not be where he is today without gentle exposure to others in school and social skills classes in school. He never responded well to therapy, but he liked his Occupational Therapist (OT), physical therapist and social skills class. His Aide was an angel...just very nurturing and helpful. Eventually he mainstreamed without an aide and did well. But this was after the foundation had been laid.

    I fought very hard for the services he got. Contacted an advocate and she threatened school district with court. We got everything he needed. Everything. Nice guys dont do well with school districts. They have to know you mean business. I found a free advocate through State Dept. Of Public Education. It went well after that.

    Remember... autism is a neurological difference, not a mental illness. And autistic people do tend to get more functional with age. Often though they need some supports.

    Good luck to you and your precious daughter.
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    I don't think the district can provide a psychiatrist. And I think she needs better medications. She does not want to see anyone.
    And she already has everything she could possibly get from the district - they are sending her to a very small, very nurturing NPS. Not sure what else to fight for? We are also getting wrap around services. I think the district will give me anything I want.
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    I am asking the wrap around service people to find a psychiatrist that does not work in a practice where the child has to see a therapist. Not sure how long that might take.
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    My older daughter told me high school was overrated. This feels like such an impossible situation.
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    Ok. Well, then its up to your daughter to push hersrlf. You are doing all you can.

    SSRIs can help depression and some anxiety...tbey do not change your personality. As for what works only trial and error can tell. Did you think of having a cheek swab test?

    in my opinion its best to go to private mental health professionals rather than those chosen by tbe district. Do you not have insurance? That I understand.
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    Up to her to push herself? Hmmm. I mean, is it the worst thing if she drops out? I probably could get her services thru the regional center, whatever that is. I click around the website, trying to figure out what they do.
    THANKS for responding. I am so lost and sad in this. I wonder if I could have done better for her if I wasn't consumed w my son and all his problems.
    She is a wonderful girl, and all this focus on school attendance is making her feel even more depressed and like a failure.
  11. ForeverSpring

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    Dont feel bad. Sounds like you did it all

    Yeah, its personality...part of it. My son was always one to push himself. Autism makes it harder but I believe one day she will try to be "more normal" but that comes at different times for different people...

    You can only do so much. You CAN get her social security when she is 18...the school helped us get Son adult services. Now he no longer needs many of them, but he still gets SSI to supplement his income. He has a case manager who is awesome and he will actually talk to him.

    But my son is almost 24. He was not there at 17. Give her time. Dont beat yourself up. You are doing all you can. These people grow up slower.
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    Thanks!!! She is a teen, and she was traumatized by my son's drama. The team brought over a list of psychiatrists in the county, and we are going to just try for one day a week for now and lots of encouragement. Where I live it seems there is actually a lot of support for the disabled. I just started a medication myself for anxiety. I want to get normal-ish again. I want her to have a full life.
    My son is on the back burner; I'm just focusing on her now.
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    Have you or considered having her screened for PTSD?
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    I don't usually recommend this but in the circumstances have you considered cyber school to help her stay current with her education and graduate? Many are free and it would be better than dropping out. Only problem is she needs to do the work. There are so many medicinal choices out there I hope you are able to find one that works for her. prayers are with you.