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    Naw. Ive seen many situations like this. He will in my opinion burn his bridges with everyone,her too. These kids end up alone. Just read! Most adult kids here have nobody willing to give them money. So they wind up begging or berating Mom.
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    I think they are already thinking of asking one of the grandparents for big money fur boarding school. He is in elementary school. Now through grade 12 )assuming he makes it) would be serious money. Then there are all the other costs of having a Difficult Child. Yes, I could kinda see my daughter in law potentially helping financially. But I don’t think she would offer big money or offer up money more than once. She is soft hearted but wise with her money. And yes, these kids especially as teens and young adults always need money and know who to try to hit up.

    One of the parents doesn’t seem to be doing so well with his job. The mother is trying hard. But of course having three kids and one with special needs is hampering. It’s a huge mess. Not sure if they realize it’s all going to get worse in many ways.
    And the kid is already causing people to pull away. The turmoil has started.

    Maybe this is crass, but hubby and I basically had zero help. I don’t know how we did it. But, we did. We survived. And I don’t think we caused this much chaos. I look back and I’m proud.
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    It's no wonder his parents want to send him away to boarding school. I don't know if he would qualify for a therapeutic boarding school. If it is just a traditional boarding school, his parents aren't dealing with the problem. It sounds like they might be a little overwhelmed by his behavior and don't know what to do. Be thankful he's not your problem. I feel sorry for his teachers, but most of all, his parents.