Merry Christmas Eve...


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I've been up for several hours. I cleaned all the dirty pots and pans from last night. Now I'm in the middle of a double batch of Chex mix.

I need one more grocery run (if I haven't forgotten more stuff!) DearH and I will go out for breakfast soon. Then come home and assemble the gift bags. We don't give many actual gifts. Our older DGD asked for her Christmas gift last give her money instead of gifts so she could pay bills. She had started a different job and it was going to take about 3 weeks to have an income.

Younger DGD is pregnant, so I bought some maternity clothes and new shoes for working her part time job. Also paid the difference for Rx glasses. She's had glasses since kindergarten, but stopped wearing them in high school. Now she's ready to wear them, and is upset if she forgets them at home.

Both girls will get an assortment of stocking stuffers. We don't give actual cash, esp to younger DGD as her boyfriend would probably use it on him. He has no job.

The other DGKids (26 to 30) get a gift sack with a chocolate orange. Do you have those in your areas? It's our little tradition. Also cash, home made goodies and a mini version of 'Oprah's favorite things" except my favorite things. Penzey's spices. I Love that company. I order online. I have a gift set of several spices in small box. And a Rada potato peeler. Last year was a Rada knife. Each year, I try to buy them some new item that I've discovered and love.

My sons girlfriends kids (4) will get chocolate orange, movie passes and homemade goodies.

DGD's boyfriend will get his name added to the gift sack for the new baby. Oh, and an orange and movie pass.

We will go to our churches candlelight Christmas Eve service. It always ends with the congregation, holding the candles and singing Silent Night acapella. Very moving. The Christmas story is touching my heart this unexpected place to stay...



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Merry Christmas! It is neat to hear your traditions! Esp "my favorite things". I may have to try to adopt that for next year.

Wiz came over about 11 and we did gifts here. We all got things we truly liked. Then we went to my parents to exchange gifts with them. My mom threw the limits out the window. Supposedly we have a family limit of how much we can spend on each other. I just don't have the energy to fight it this year. I am glad that I knew what she had for Jess. Mom does a great job getting the boys stuff they like. For Jess, not so much. I steered her to a pretty butterfly ring handmaid by a local artist and Jess loved it. Jess appreciates whatever she gets, she is just a bit confused by some of it. Esp as my mom often forgets about the price tags. Not to rub what she spent in, but because she has ADHD and you are lucky she isn't still wrapping it when you walk in. It was an interesting mix of gifts and we were all very thankful to have each other.