Millennials moms!


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I need some advice and opinion my granddaughter just turned two I’ve been watching her since she’s been born I have not potty trained her I don’t think it’s my responsibility to potty train her I think it’s her mother’s responsibility to do that well she makes it clear to me that since I’m with her all day long that I should potty train her.I told my daughter that when she begins to potty train her I will follow her lead And I will stay consistent to her routine for success.I also told her she has two days off a week she should potty trainer in those two Days.Her response to me was well how my going to do that when I take her out of the house for activities we don’t have time to potty train.SSo I attempted to potty train her I told my daughter first thing in the morning since I’m not there with her in the morning put baby first thing in the morning put her on the toilet so she Can associate the toilet with going potty well my daughter couldn’t even stay consistent on that I have a hard time me doing one thing with her doing another and that’s how it’s been now she just had a week ofF work and didn’t potty train her.Another issue is I’ve never had a problem with her taking a nap never had a problem with that .mom would come home she would be ready for dinner and then soon after her bath and then go to bed and mom never had no problems she even have time to herself well since she had that week off and she got that new iPad for the baby and letting her on the cell phone is totally messing up everything the routine everything and she is so blind to itWhat is wrong with these millennials


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People used to wonder what was wrong with those crazy hippie,pot smoking baby-boomers and here we are. We grew up. But our parents let us grow-up. Most of them did anyhow. Things are not the same these days.

I think the biggest problem with todays adult kids are US, willing to jump through hoops to grant all their wishes and then wondering why they are so bossy, entitled and ungrateful. We ask nothing of them. They make all the demands. I did this too, but I learned not to be a slave to my child ever again.

You are not required to potty train your grand. Most millennials work and manage to potty train their own kids. I would not babysit for my beloved grands full time. I work too and have outside interests. Your daughter may be more humble if she had to use other sitters as well as you. No other sitter will potty train her child.

I hope she doesn't live with you, but if she does, SHE is the mother of your grand. It is not your job title to watch the child so that your daughter can party at night. If you do that.

Your needs are important. You raised your daughter and deserve respect. Don't let her boss you around like I let mine. That is no good for us or for the growth of our allegedly grown children.

Too many of us ask "how high" when our kids tell us to jump. I did! But never again.

Our parents did not cater to our every whim. I believe our desire to over please our grown children is sometimes our biggest shortcoming. Yes, I mean me. Only you know where you stand.

God bless you. You do not need to do everything for your daughter just because she has a job.


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Grandmas and potty training...

Have you got any cute books about potty training? I know of several that would be fun for a two year old. I would read them to her everyday you have her. I would also buy her a couple pair of big girl panties and tell her when she's ready, she can wear them like big girls do.

Just plant the seed... Plus don't be in a rush to make her comfortable when she needs changed. I don't mean neglect her, but 10 minutes is not going to hurt. Then make her do some of the work. Have her get the pull-ups or diaper. Have her throw them away. Talk about the book how the little girl went potty...and wears big girl panties.

Good luck! Ksm


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Agree that ideally I would never do this full time for my adult children/grandkids.
A few days a week...yes.
But...I’m sure there could very well be good reasons etc
I think this is one of those kind of confusing areas.
But, I think you are mostly right.
It’s your adult daughter’s responsibility and I think she should be working on this at home;on the weekends...whenever she can...taking an active role.
(That’s what I did)
However, I recall when my kids were that age, my babysitter ended up doing much of the training though. It was simply a matter of five days vs 2.
AND , especially with reference to our daughter, she was more inclined to behave well and/or listen to the sitter than to myself.
But I did do all that I could in the evenings and weekends and I was VERY VERY (big time) appreciative of the sitter’s help with this as it can be very time consuming and even stressful.