Mom and Sons


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I have one son who is 33 and a addict and one is 30 and does drugs. 33 has always relapsed over, over again and always sorry. 30 has always smoked pot but think he may be doing meth some to. 33 still lives in apartment behind or house. 30 just built a house beside us. 30 gives or sells 33 we think meth twice in the last 2 weeks. 33 goes crazy on meth and is hateful as h##l. 30 for the last year or so is always hateful anyway. Anyways or two sons always act like a##wholes all the time. 33 cant get clean and is driving us away from or own place, oh yea 33 has baby momma living with him to with 9 month old. 30 has a wife, 3 year old and 2 week old. We are,well just dont know.....


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Hi Andy. What a mess!

Have you gone to Al-Anon? They will help you with setting limits. You do have control if 33 lives on your property. But your only control is to make him leave if he's abusive or living in a way that is illegal on your property. Has 30 built a house on your property or his own?

The thing is, you have a right to live without turmoil and in peace.

I am in the same situation as you are, in the sense that I endure abuse and I want to stop.

Welcome to you. Others will come along soon and help you with this.



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Copa said it all. You do not need abuse in your home which should be your sanctuary. My daughter has not been allowed in our property for many years. We did buy her a house then a mobile home then paid her rent ALL with horrific results. So now we shut down The Bank of Dad and Mom.

Kay is about your son's ages and is homeless with her useless husband now and on the other part of the country. They live in an old motorhome. We sadly have peace mow. Their son is in my thriving daughters guardianship. Yes, they have a child too. She never calls to talk to him or ask about him.

In Nar Anon, which stands for Narcotics Anonymous,we learn the three C's. We did.mot CAUSE it. We can't CONTROL it. And we can't CURE it .

I was hooked on N/A at Step One: "We admit that we are powerless over our addict; that our lives have become unmanageable." That was hub and me. We joined and are much better. Got private therapy too.

Take care of YOU now. Your son's have to want help to get have no control over them and you deserve peace.



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It's sad for both their babies. Is that why you haven't kicked them off your property? Would they be able to afford a place of their own?


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We all been trying to get together to figure out this mess. My 30 has started getting his act together. Why you ask? we had to call child protection services on my 33 and his baby momma. So 30 doesn't want that ,that's way. So now we getting somewhere. 33 and his baby momma fight at least once or twice a week with the law involved right at or back door and drag us right in the middle of it. She has left two or three times and keeps coming back. She has no where to go, no family around is why she keeps coming back. No one has a job to support them selfs. When your baby is 3 months old its time to get a job. If your a male is 33 and healthy , work 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week if thats what it takes to get a roof over my head and food to eat. BUT NO. So I go from a 33 year old on drugs terrorizing his parents to him bringing in a crazy woman and knock her up to this sweet little baby with absolutely no future for her with these two ####. Bad to worse with him. He makes a mess and we have to clean it up every time. We want to get in our car and leave and not look back. Sad isn't it.


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I'm so sorry.

I think I would move and leave no forwarding address...