"Mom! Mom! I think I'm lost again!"

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Miss KT drove up to Santa Cruz for orientation day at college, then was planning to go to M's (father's former girlfriend, nice lady) to spend the night, since it's only an hour from college. If you'll remember the first time she drove to M's, she ended up in Monterey on the way home, and I had to tell her how to get back home.

    She just called. "How did I get on THIS freeway?" How do I know? I'm not a human GPS. I haven't lived in the Bay Area for about 18 years. I don't remember the exact freeway configurations.

    Sigh. I swear this child needs a keeper...or a GPS implanted somewhere. The problem would be getting her to follow the directions.
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    Any chance that you can get her a GPS? She sounds just like me on the other side of the river in our city. It's hills, it's built with a lot of infill so everything is a "Loop", or "Way", or "Court" or "Circle". There are hardly any Streets (run east/west) or Avenues (run north/south). Before my GPS I used to call husband on the phone and say "I'm on that big street near the private high school, and I'm trying to get to the freeway. But I'm nowhere near the freeway. And I don't know where I am on that street!" He had delivered mail on that side of town in the 1990's, so he must remember it, right? LOL! My GPS is a godsend! I'll never figure out that side of town!
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    Have her get a job delivering something. It is the best way to learn an area. Or next time she is going somewhere make her look up driving directions and print them out. Then have her take the directions and a map. After that let her figure it out for herself. The more you help her out the longer she is going to stay lost. Let her EARN the money for a GPS if she must have one. You can get a refurbished one online for about $50. If she has to buy it with $$ she earns she will be more likely to USE it and not to lose it. If you give it to her she won't be likely to use it to get out of being lost, or to keep from getting lost. husband's doesn't have any service fees, and seems to know even the little towns in the boonies. It was a refurb model for $50.