More fun empath stuff for those who are empaths and HSP

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    The more I learn, the more I think I am an empath and always have been, from childhood on. So much of this is me. The softness for the underdog (we are the bleeding hearts of this world who can't stand to see a person suffering), the taking other's emotions home with me even crying over other people's feelings, the knowing (explained in video), the creativity, just being different. This is really cool for those interested in the topic and empaths themselves who want to learn more about themselves. I thought I'd share. I now have an empath friend and we talked about this for about three hours today! Then I needed to go home are refresh. Being around other people...I can only do it for so long.

    I also learned that empaths tend to suffer from depression and anxiety. I think this, more than mental illness, may have been my issue and difference all along. How about you? Take a listen :) Enjoy!

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