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So Kay Lee and the grand are coming to my town in two weeks and staying with a friend. I wasn't told about it by Kay. That breaks my heart. She obviously doesnt want me to see her and the baby.

But the friend told me so I am going to drop by to see my grandson and we are both going to act like it was a surprising coincidence.

This may be the last time I ever see them. Kay sent me a long text. She doesnt want to have no contact, but she is slimming it down. If I dont believe her research, and support her (I have), she will talk about this issue that is so important to her family to others. Plus she is too busy to call a lot.

Here is how she is busy. First off, she is creating a homeschool curriculum for the grandson. Kay was never a great student, but now she is writing a curriculum and teaching. Then she is taking online nutrition classes, reading some intensive anti vax books that she named, and has an appointment with a homeopathic doctor, her new doctor.

Now all this is her business, not mine. But I worry because she is HPV positive, had surgery for pre cancer of the uterus, was supposed to go back for check ups and she never has. The conventional mother in me wishes she would go back to the doctor who did her surgery, but this happened before she learned that all regular doctors are liars and cant be trusted. They even do surgery that you dont need and give out medications that Big Pharma dictates. Okay, so she will not go back.

Moving on.

She now has a homeopathic doctor for her dog and the vet doesnt vaccinate animals. Im dead serious! So she is too busy to call me with all this going on and she does seem busy. Not busy enough to not drive up near me for a weekend, but otherwise swamped.

And frankly I am glad she didn't call me to tell me the stuff she texted to me. When I read about the anti vaxxer vet, I broke out in laughter. I couldnt help it. Oh, and she is now "adopted" by certain journalists so that she can get the word out about the horrors of vaccines, especially vaccines and their connection to cancer. I thought it was autism, but maybe the vaccine's effects are spreading to other areas. She also mentioned Alzheimers being caused by the aluminum in vaccines. Vaccines cause everything, but the medical community is too tied to Big Pharma and too corrupt to tell us these truths

I dont know whether to laugh or cry, but I do know that I will never get her to agree not to discuss it with me. I tried and every contact since just has more and more of this in it. The more I suggest that I support her, but would rather discuss other things, the more I hear about it. So I stopped, but its too late.

I texted back that I am proud of her for her passion and that I love her and my grandson to the moon. I told her I know how much she loves her son and that she is doing the best for him and is a great mother. I do think she thinks she is doing the very best for him. Sigh.

I did not address any of her claims. Even for the love of my daughter can I actually come out and say I believe these things? I am a rotten liar and she would know I was faking it and I would catch more flak. The farthest I can go is to say I support her decisions all the way and I have said that. Often.

I did not go into the trouble she will be in if her unvaccinated dog bites somebody. I didnt go into anything. Its not my place.

At my Al Anon meeting I was told to let go and let God. I have to cling to this more than ever after this day.

My husband and I are going to the store tomorrow to buy two helium balloons. In a symbolic ritual, we are going to drive to the water and pray to God to help Kay and the baby because we have no control over them. Then we are going to let go of the balloons and watch them drift away.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I can not change,
The Courage to change the things I can,
And the Wisdom to know the difference.

What a day! Of course, Kay was also high and possibly also on Kratom too.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

I think you are wise to change to approach to how you deal with her.

I have a very good friend that is an atheist and while I hate that she is an atheist, we do not talk about it nor does it affect the fact that I am a believer.

Not everyone in our lives will agree with what we say or do and visa versa. But that is okay.

I agree to surrender and pray. That is really all any of us can do.

Love the balloon release idea!