"*Mumble, mumble* money. You're not getting any"


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That's what I heard when I answered my cell this afternoon. Oh how I wish I had let it go to voicemail! Now it's just my word against his as to what he said.

Yup. It was husband. I think the first words were "don't expect" It was so mumbly that it almost sounded like a stick up over the phone!

The idiocy just goes on and on.


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How maddening! If he calls back let the machine take it. If he leaves a message on the machine he's gotta be stuck on stupid as refusing to pay up can be used against him. Sorry you are dealing with this koi


I only contact X through e-mail or a court appointed 3rd party that the court will believe. I actually prefer e-mail. If he thinks he isn't going to be paying anything he is in for a shock.


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We learned a long time ago, when the kids called from bio's, they wanted MONEY. Well, THEY didn't - she did.

One in particular sticks out in my mind, where O left a 6-minute voicemail demanding $385 from ME. Not husband, ME.

Bio also refused to pay anything on the court-ordered website. And they refused to use the website as evidence. Long story. BUT - Let actions speak for themselves. Don't get worked up over his phone call. There are ways... :bigsmile:


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It doesn't matter what he says. It is what he does that counts. If he does not pay the court ordered amount, file for contempt. A court order is not a suggestion and judges do not like to be ignored.


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I totally agree that ALL calls from ex need to go to voicemail. If that isn't good enough for him, have him put it in writing.

Wouldn't it be great to send him a p00p-o-gram? There is a company called PoopSenders who will MAIL a package of animal dung to him totally anonymously. It is LEGAL and would be a blast. The recipient has to open the container of dung in order to get the card out that tells what it is. The delivery will NOT have your name on it in any way.

Several companies actually do it, but www.poopsenders.com is the one I have heard about. The prices start at $12.95 plus $6.95 shipping for cow dung. each kind of dung is available in quart and gallon sizes. Available types of dung are cow, elephant and gorilla.


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Yeah, if he ever calls again, it will go to voicemail. Dummy me accidentally dialed the number today while trying to put it in my address book so I'd recognize the number. fortunately I did hang up before a connection was made, but don't know if it was fast enough to bypass his caller ID. Oh well.

Some day, some how, he's gonna be paying. I'm not worried about that at all. I've survived 4 years (3 included supporting his mother as well) so I can manage. Right now I'm just majorly PO'ed that I'm not much closer to a divorce. Mediation office was closed today for the long weekend, so Tuesday will be the soonest I get more relevant info.

Susie, I may just use that service! I've already bookmarked it. Hmmmmmmmmmm maybe for his birthday????????


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Susie, his B-day is coming before anything else, except for Tuesday. If I had the $$ to just blow, I wouldn't even wait for this Tuesday! Gotta save up for these special occasions.


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Wow, it's a good thing I didn't have number a few years ago. There was something I would have sent an entire collection to. Now, I'll just spend the money on ME!


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Oh, dear, so sorry it didn't go to voicemail. Too funny about the expert advice here on special gifts. Sheesh!
Waaay too many experts here!


call 911........call 911
Kiesta can't use that service -------she has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MONEY. And #SH(*#)$ costs money. Even if you got an anonymous donor? Postage baby.......postage.