My back is killing me but the house smells incredible!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Sep 2, 2009.

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    No....I didn't clean...should have but didn't. I picked my grapes today, cleaned them, picked them off the stems, sorted the bad ones out and boiled them into juice so I can make jelly. I had orginally planned on doing it all in one day but after making a gallon of juice....that AIN'T going to happen! LOL I'm taking a bit of a break before I go clean up and then make my birthday cake. Everyone always yells at me for making it myself but it's the only way I can ensure I get to lick the bowl! LOL I've seen frosting containers lately that are about 1 1/2 size bigger than the regular ones and hoped to find my flavor in those but luck. Probably a good thing because I would have frosted the cake with the normal amount and then sat down with the rest of it and a spoon.

    So...another minute or two and it's off to Cherry Chip heaven! LOL
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    So when IS your birthday, 'Stang? I don't see it on the board calendar!

    I wish I knew how to can things besides trash. :p Feel free to send a jar of jelly my way... YUM!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    You STINKER!
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    Happy belated b'day, 'Stang!

    What variety of grapes do you grow?

    Honest to God, my Polish g'mother used to make wine in the bathtub, that is to say when g'pa didn't have a freshly caught fish swimming in there...
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    Happy belated 'Stang - sorry I missed the party but once again I rec'd no invite. ;)

    Sounds like you accomplished a great deal on your day of birth; I prefer to lie about & be waited on (yeah right). :queen::bigsmile:

    Again, hope you had a wonderful day.
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    LOL Thanks.

    GCV... canning and jelly making really isn't that hard. least the little that I do. The hardest part about making the jelly is making the juice. But, at least for me, that's only because the grapes aren't "store" quality. I have to rinse them and then pick them all of the stems, sort the bad ones and make sure I have all the spider webs off. LOL Basically just boil 3 1/2 pounds of grapes, 1 1/2 cups of water, strain them through a cone shaped collander and voila! Juice! As for the jelly itself...I use the recipe that is included in the box of pectin. I just glanced at it yesterday but I believe it's 5 cups of juice, 7 cups of sugar (???) the box of pectin and you boil it and then fill your jars. Of have your jars and lids in a pot also but it's not hard....just kind of a PITA.

    Same with canning tomatoes, which is all I know how to can. You have your jars and lids in hot water, boil your maters, fill the jars, slap a lid on and as they cool, the lids seal. Corn is one that is easy peasy. Clean and cook it as you would to eat but only boil for a couple of minutes. Take the corn out, put the ears in cold water to stop them cooking, cut the corn off the cob, throw it in freezer bags and toss it in the freezer. My problem is that I eat almost as much as I put up when I'm doing it. are green. LOL That's about all I know. They don't usually get as big as the ones in the store and they do have seeds but they are pretty good. My neighbor has a grape vine and hers, I believe, are Concord. I don't know if she does anything with hers....I may go knock on her door today. SHOULD lay about on your birthday! LOL

    I'm hoping to get a decent batch. I got enough juice to fill a gallon milk jug almost to the neck. Each 5 cup batch of juice is supposed to make 8 cups of jelly. Keep your fingers crossed! LOL I heard a story yesterday about my G'ma...she made some one year but it didn't set. So....she went out and bought jelly at the store, put it in her own jars and passed it off as her own! LOL
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    Ooooh, neat! You had me going there--I assumed you had cleaned the house.
    But yard work and professional grape picking are right up there for hard labor.
    And you can now enjoy the fruits of your labor. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
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    LOL Yep...clean house vs. grapes......I'll take the grapes!