My daughter admitted to smoking weed


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My 18 year old, senior in high school admitted to smoking weed "a few times". She came in my room this week crying to tell me she smoked one hit and got really scared seeing things and her neck was moving involuntarily. She asked me to pray for her, which is weird, as she decided 2 years ago that she wasn't sure there was a God.
She has always had super high anxiety, but has learned to control it through meditation, support from friends and self care. I allowed her to stay home from school the next day. I didn't see any neck movement but she said it hurt. I grounded her, took away her car (except to get her to school and back), told her she will be drug tested weekly and couldn't see her friends and am making her stay home.
I appreciate that she came to me. I did pray with her and read the Bible to her until she fell asleep in my bed. I am hoping she learned her lesson and we don't have to experience another child on drugs. She is a lot different than her 1/2 brother "J", so there is hope. She makes straight A's and is talented and kind. Please say prayers or send good thoughts for her and that I don't lose her to this ugly thing called addiction.


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I think it's so great that she came to you! I have a good feeling that she learned her lesson.

My older son was always a great kid. The summer going into freshman year he got busted smoking weed in a friend's garage. I was shocked because I had no idea. They put cuffs on him and called us. I can't remember the details but we had to see someone for a few months. My son was so upset with himself. I grounded him for a week but he grounded himself and said he was so disappointed in himself. He was harder on himself that I could ever imagine.

Fast forward he is happily married and a BMW Master Technician. He never gave me any trouble ever. And then his little brother came along....(the reason why I'm here). He's good now too. THANK THE LORD.

You did the right thing. All is well. I can feel it.



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Jmom, Sounds like your daughter is on the right track. She tried it and did not feel right about it. I am impressed that she came to you. You are a great mom.