My dear husband blocked the site my sister posts on!!


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I have not checked that site for so long. But sometimes I have an urge to look and see if she is still talking about me. I havent done it and told my son Bart who used to like to check her too not to. He hasnt looked either for ages. He never really cared that much. So nobody will see what she writes. Good! If she dtill reads here snd gets mad, she has nowhere to answer where I can slip up and read her response.

Now hopefully she doesnt check here anymore for HER. But if she does, it is her choice.

My being able to read her nasty responses at all is DONE!

This is a big deal for me. There is NO OTHER way for my sister to trash me and for me to SEE it. Ha ha!!!! Yes! I mean, as long as there is no way for me to read what she writes, she can go at it. I dont care.

Tonight I asked hub if he could block the site my sister posts on. If it is possible. I had an urge to look.

My hub found a way to totally block me from getting on that site even if I am DYING to betray myself and peek!

I am so grateful to hub.

Honestly, for all the crapola I put up with my FOO, I have been blessed with the best man for 23 years and all of my FOO shrinks to nothing compared to him. His love is more important than the lot of FOO.

I didnt even know one could block a site! But my husband just wants them out of my life. He spent a good deal of time looking on the internet for a way to do it.

When I told him I dont get why FOO trashed me, he said, "If you werent a good person, I wouldnt be here all this time and your kids wouldnt want to be with you all the time. Why do you even care about them?" We have had this conversation many times, always same answer.

I told him I had been a difficult kid with rages. I have said this before too.

He said "So why didnt your parents help you?" This too was a repeat.

Nobody can make me feel as good as he does. I try so hard to give it back! I love his hugs!!

So now I cant peek at sister's nonsense anymore even if I feel the tickle to do so.

I am truly no contact. And I am truly relieved. And in control. I have no idea how hub blocked the site but he will never tell me how to undo it :)
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I am pretty good with computers..I won't tell you how he did it :)
I am sending him kudos! Most people just kinds of get glazed over when asked to do something out of the ordinary with a computer.


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He can figure out almost anything but good for you too...)

If Ihad known this could be done, I would have had it done years ago. It is very important that I not be able to read anything she says even if I get the urge to see. Now....I really cant.

I havent been looking anyway. Seriously, for all I know, she is over me and hasnt written anything about me for a year. I hope this is so for her sake. I know that when I write about her I am sad about my FOO, although once I write about it and talk to hub it goes away. I feel good now. So when/if she writes sbout me it means she is hurting. I always felt she really wanted to write about her narc boyfriend insteadbof me but was afraidbto in case he saw. I think of lot of what she says sbout me is about him. He is her addiction and a very bad, danngerous man. I am nothing like him :)

She hopefully is over me,at least.! It is not my desire that she suffers, just that our communication stops completely. This block should do the trick for me. Yay!
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Update; very effective and I am very stubborn. This time I am determined not to even try to peek in any way. For the first time I feel that I really let them all go.

Thanks for the help!