Names you called grandparents names your grands call you


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Pink, you have me thinking like you again :) and that's a good thing because you are so much fun!

Ok, so what did you call your grandparents? And what do your grandkids call you? I will go first. Mine is unusual

I called my grandma and grandpa on my mother's side, Mom and Pa. My mother was mommy or mother. How did I get those names? The story goes that obviously my mother called her parents mom and Pa so I copied her and my grandma, who I was very close to, liked being a Mom so much that it stuck forever. She was Mom till she died. My kids called her Grandma Mom. I wrote a paper in first or second grade about how everyone has a Grandma, but I have a Mom and a Mom was special. I remember reading it to the class and showing it to my grandma who was tickled.

On my father's side they were Orthodox Jews so they were called (and these may be misspellings) bubba and zada.

My grandkids call me Grammy. I love it!

Your turn.

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Oh, I love it, SOT! :)

You are such a gem!

My story is boring. With my own grandparents, grandma and grandpa were the standard, however, my own kids called my mom, gamma, and dad was ganpa.

I sort of fueled the fire when it came to using both names, which of course my kids quickly grew out of once they got older.

My mom did a lot of babysitting for us when the kids were small, and even when she'd drop-in for a visit, she was always quick to offer-up her services when it came to feeding and changing.


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My mother's parents were supposed to be Grandma and Grandpa, and my father's parents Grandmother and Grandfather. Little Annie refused and called them all Grandma and Grandpa.

Bill's parents, when we were speaking, were Grandma "Mary" and Papaw... My parents are Grandma "Suzy" and Grandpa "Tommy".

When Charlie was born, I asked Belle if he could call me "Nana", since bio mom would have been "Grandma".


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My grandparents were Grammy & Grampy on my mom's side and Nana and Pepeire on my dad's. My great-grandmother was Memeire. My mom is Grammy and my dad was Grampy. When the great-grands were born my grandparents became Meme & Big Guy.


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I only essentially had one grandma and I called her just that. I called her mom “granny.”

I had a great grandma on the other side of the family that use to call me Kukla.

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My grand kids call me Memaw

My one grandmother did not want to be called and form of grandma so we called her Miss Annie