Nasty phone call first thing in the morning


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So i fell asleep late last night watching a movie in the living room. My plan was to put my phone on vibrate which doesmt wake me but I forgot and it was a full ringtone. Half asleep I answered it and it was Bart. He calls this time every day. 7:00.

Him: (before I had a chance to clear the cobwebs) Hi. Its me. You know I feel more optimistic today. I dont even know if this was a final ruling etc. Etc. Etc.

I struggle to sit up.

Him: you there?

Me: i just woke up.

Him: your always telling me to call mornings.

This is the gist of it, not word for word and i left a lot of rambling out.

Him,: Say something. What do you think?

Me: Honestly I am still half asleep.

Him: when am I supposed to call you then? If I call later you arent there or Jumper or Sonic are over or yourey talking to Princess. You need to prioritize your kids! Im going through a lot! You need to put them aside!

Me: (quiet. A little surprised but not too)

Him: i i know what you're thinking! Im 41 and I should be taking care of myself. I will NEVER stop helping J. no matter how old he is! I dont care how old he is!

Me: (I quietly agree with him. Partly. He is 41 and needs to take care of himself. Plus I cant do anything for him about this case anyway. But he insists that nonstop hours of talking about it helps him calm down. Maybe it does but I cant do hours. I also do the math. Bart will be 72 when J. Is 41. I doubt he will be talking to him for hours on the phone each day or that J. will want him to.)

Him: You know what? Im just going to hang up since you wont help me! (Hangs up)

My phone is now on vibrate. Hub has instructions to please put my phone on vibrate anytime I fall asleep in living room. He is quick to agree.

I am now getting that first cup of coffee.
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He could have waited until I had my coffee at least!

My motto (and I have a shirt that says it) "OK, But First Coffee." :)


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I set my phone to do not disturb on a schedule . it will not alert me to calls from 9 pm to 9 am 10 am on weekends. It is however set for priority calls for a short list of people who I want to be able to ger through. He used to wake me for rescues in the middle of the night won't do it anymore.


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I just remembered a quote from a coffee cup lol. Definition of stress
The confusion created when the mind overrules the bodies basic desire to choke the living :censored2: of some :censored2: who desperately deserves it.