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    Recently I have gained weight and I don't know how this is happening. Even after my first delivery, I didn't put on much weight and I was happy about it. Now all of a sudden I noticed that I'm gaining weight. How is that possible? I don't eat much and I don't think it is because of delivery if it was the reason I should have been like this 2 years back (my daughter is 2 years old). Since I was worried my mom asked me to check my health report but there were no issues. My mom said it might be because of my drinking habit and she asked me to go to an addiction treatment centre. Is it possible to gain weight after drinking alcohol? I have many friends who didn't gain weight and I'm wondering why this has happened to me? Yesterday my mom said she has scheduled an appointment at Edgewood in Vancouver ( )for next week. I just don't want to go there, so I'm thinking of weight loss surgery. What do you think about it? Please help!!
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    Sorry for not posting sooner Kristin but I just saw the thread. I tend to stick with the Emeritus forum. With my answer, take into consideration that I don't know the specifics of your situation. That being said, weight loss surgery should NOT be entered into lightly. You really need to speak with a doctor and a licensed nutritionist and try to lose the weight before considering a surgery. I don't know the details about alcohol and your weight but they do call it a beer belly for a reason.
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    I also just saw this. From the perspective of a nutritionist, alcoholism is defined as getting 30% of your daily calories from alcohol. So yes, you CAN have gained a lot of weight from alcohol. Alcohol actually has a LOT more calories than many people think and women do NOT process it nearly as efficiently as emn. This is if you are still looking at htis forum. It impairs your liver and keeps it from processing anything efficiently. I remembered some of this from a class I took in college, but I double checked the facts before I posted them.
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    I just saw this and hope you don't mind my weighing in - no pun intended.

    Of course it's possible to gain weight from alcohol. Alcohol has calories and mixers have even more. If you consume more calories than you burn, you'll gain weight, it doesn't matter what the source of the calories is, be it beer or bratwurst, you'll gain.

    I don't know about your drinking habit, but if your mother is concerned enough to suggest addiction you believe you have a drinking problem? You sound as though you aren't at the point of wanting to change, even if you I'll leave that thought alone.

    BUT, weight loss surgery isn't for someone who gains a few pounds because they drink too much. In fact, NO reputable bariatric surgeon would perform weight loss surgery for that reason. Weight loss surgery is for someone very obese, or who has medical problems because of their weight. After bariatric surgery you have to maintain a very strict diet and alcohol restriction is highly recommended. In fact, people who have bariatric surgery are at a much higher risk for developing a substance abuse disorder.

    You really should look into this carefully.