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    Hello My name is Rafael I would like to share my story I have a 22 year old son till 18 years of age when he was a junior in high school he goofed up in the beginning of freshman year and Senior year he started doing online classes and full-time and school he was only getting about four hours of sleep a night maybe less he did not listen to me when I used to tell him that is not good for you you should get your sleep it's important next thing you know I received a call from school from him telling me to come and pick him up that he would not feeling good that he was feeling sick and that his classmates were coughing and he thought there were coughing cuz of him and he also said he felt weird and he did not like the feeling so I took him to the doctor they prescribed him Seroquel that medication got him worse long story short he been to 7 Hospital throughout Chicago also Hoffman Estates nothing or anyone was able to help I was desperate the last hospital he went to they prescribed him Ativan and that seemed to work someone to come out of Catatonia state he also talked around 30 medications they all made his condition worse and increase his anxiety is repetitive tremendously the only thing that did it for him was Ativan but it is not a long-term medication and it is very addictive according to my research for now we are continuing to try new medications trial and error from my understanding here are the symptoms that my son has repetitive movements example he would go up the stairs and down the stairs get stuck in the middle of the stairs several times he would also get stuck in front of a curve going up your curve or going down a curve he would get stuck coming out of my car door he would also get stuck when the concrete sidewalk patterns change also getting stuck and every doorway at home when he's about to go into a different room he would also get stuck going in the restroom coming out the restroom he would tap the door several times so when I give him his water you drink a cup of water when he's done he would tap it several times also when I go to the store and go get a cup of coffee Park in a parking spot he would want me to go back around park in the same parking spot stop grunt for about a minute then tell me okay let's go let's drive away he also would have me go around the block several times until he feels he had a enough also when we watch a movie he would want me to forward and Rewind several times then he would tell me to pause look at the screen grunt for about a minute then he'll tell me he don't want to watch TV no more go to his bed lay down look at the stitching on his comforter and grunt for about 2 minutes then I'll stop for quite a while then continue hours later it's awesome getting ECT treatment which was a very hard decision to make but when a parent is desperate you got to do what you got to do to see some more improvements I think God he goes to the restroom on its own I also want to share one more thing my son used to play basketball he was a outgoing played baseball every summer always joking laughing girlfriends and Friends
    to see my son go through what he goes really weakens my heart but I keep strong faith in God everyday
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    Raphael Welcome to this forum i am sorry for your troubles. You mention different medications and the difficulty finding one that works long term but i am unclear about the diagnosis. Has he had a MRI or brain scan? I also want to mention this is an anonymous site so if that is your real name you might want to change it. I am not familiar with these symptoms but hopefully someone here might have some more insight to what is up. I just want to offer you my sympathy that you have the need to be here and offer my prayers if that does not offend you.
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    Hi and welcome, RC

    Does your son have a diagnosis?
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    no offense at all thank you
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    the doctor that is seeing my son as of now diagnosed him with catatonia with Catatonia like symptoms
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    I wonder why so many physicians prescribe sequeol , they prescribed that to my 15 year old son who cant sleep & has behavorial issues. But when he was admitted to another facilty the nurses there said there was no way he should of been on it & they took him off , my son begged to get back on , Im thinking it might of been addicting but my point is my so many physicisns give so many different medications , sometimes I feel it actually messes them up , It hard deciding what is actually right for out kids, please keep us posted and I hope he gets better
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    . In the case of a vitamin deficiency, catatonia can easily be treated with supplemental nutrients

    I assume they have tested for the more simple explanations like the one above. Has he seen a neuropsychologist?
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    I did take him to a neuropsychologist about 9 months ago they did a CAT scan but they did not see any unnormal tees so I have his CD so I just recently gave it to this new doctor that I'm seeing so I'm waiting on results from that they could have missed something and thanks on the vitamin deficiency I definitely will look in to that
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    You're absolutely right about the psychiatrist prescribing Seroquel and also they can prescribe Ativan an Ativan is very addictive but I don't really got a choice as of now and it does not last that long at least for my son it doesn't and you're right it is very hard to decide what to give our kids or adult kids when we worry if the medication it's going to make them better or make them worse they all seem to have certain side effects
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    Hi Ralphie. Welcome. You and your son have been through so much. I am sorry. It is so hard when a child becomes ill when they are entering adulthood. That happened to us too. My son is on ssi for mental illness. It is hard for both if us.

    My own son resists medications and prefers marijuana. He is coming to accept that he requires a sober living environment and the supports this setting provides. He prefers being around the other men who deal with challenges too. In the main they are recovering drug addicts, but now they deal with mental illness, and the effects of their past lives. I am coming to see this is best for me too, that my son live independent of me. And for our relationship.

    There are a number of us here with mentally ill children. I hope you find support here as you go forward.
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    Seroquel is an appropriate drug, an antipsychotic, for schizophrenia and other delusions. Catatonia is a serious form usually of schizophrenia where one is so out of it they stay as still as a statue and echo voices and don't function at all. It is not addictive. It just may make your son feel less ill, more a part of the world. It is NOT always prescribed and is not a controlled substance. It's for psychosis. I am sorry for your griec