New Year, New You! Any Resolutions?


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My darling husband Jabberwocky always says his is to not make any New Year's resolutions. He manages to keep it every year. :) Me? I usually say no pre-marital sex and no hard drugs. (Yes, that's a joke since I'm married and never have done drugs.)

This year however, I actually AM going to be serious about attempting to lose some weight and get in better shape. I mean, I'm in shape now - if you count ROUND as a shape - but I'd like to actually do a flight of stairs without having a heart attack. I weigh almost my all-time high weight...and that's a BIG number! Jabber is the same. We've both gained and gained over the last 7 years or so. We like food! We really love carbs and Jabber in particular LOVES his sugar! Sugar does not love us - he's mildly diabetic and I'm pre-diabetic and our eating habits HAVE to change. Tonight, we're going to the first of six Whole30 Reset classes which is actually done through a local hospital. I always thought of Whole30 as a bit of a fad - like Paleo/Keto/Raw Food/etc. - and really, it is a bit. I mean, the authors of this plan claim it'll cure everything from diabetes to autism, which is totally BS, BUT - If living without grains, dairy and sugar for 30 days breaks us from nabbing that late night bowl of Capt'n Crunch or Jabber buying ice cream every shopping trip - then it'll be worth it. Living on meat and vegetables - we can't really help but lose a little weight. It's a start.

Also, I'm going to endeavor to get to work on time. I'm blessed with a job that allows me to be a few late if necessary - AND I live 7 minutes away - so I'm pretty much always 7 to 10- minutes late. LOL! Getting to work should not be that hard. :p

Anybody else working on something NON-kid related this year?


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Decluttering things in my house

Narrowing down clothes to things I love, are comfortable and are versatile. I've noticed I had clothes that were cute, but must have been mostly rayon. I never liked the way they feel in the summer, like it didn't breathe, and in the winter became filled with static.

Work on making a cookbook for my DGDs.

Getting my blood pressure down.



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Hey, great thread, ladies!

We overdid the eating over these last couple of months, and we have resolved to get back on track.

My bff and I were walking steadily all this last year, but it hasn’t been as consistent lately because she decided to get pregnant and then, of course, the morning sickness and stuff. We meant to go this morning, but, again, she was up all night and couldn’t make it.

I want to exercise daily (at least four times per week, whether my bff goes or not) so that is my main resolution.

I want to do a little more decluttering and organizing as well.

We should keep this thread going and have some accountability to each other! What do you think?

I have to go get ready for scouts, as I am a leader, but I will check back later tonight or tomorrow.


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Happy New Year!

Caught the cold from heck and missed New Years Eve and Day and am still in a daze. Will take this weekend to make a short list of goals.

BUT ironically. I have already implemented one out of necessity and I’m going to roll with it and make it one of my goals.
Ever hear that expression that goes something like “perfection is the enemy of the good?”

Well...I’m letting perfection go. I try so hard in so many ways. Try to do everything to the best of my ability. But this is often exhausting.’s absolutely fine to just do a good job and sometimes even an ok job. Don’t know how to phrase this...but I’m just relaxing a bit and knowing that this is not only fine, but very healthy as well. :)


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Letting life happen instead of trying to make life do what I want it to do.

Trying to control what God wants is too hard. I have been practicing not just letting go of expectations but of quieting my busy minds chatter.

Happy New Year to all!

"May your tears from 2019 grow the seeds you plant in 2020'


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Happy New Year!

I want to lose ten pounds this year which would put me at a very good weight for my height, eat healthier and use the gym in our subdivision. Continue to practice good habits that I have learned over the years!

Trying to focus on stopping negative thinking or worse case scenario thinking!

Trying to enjoy the blessings that God has given me and stay positive in every way and help others as much as I am able.


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Happy New Year.
1. I am good at keeping things decluttered but want to move even deeper into this area.
2. I do not want anyone to wear shoes in my home. I have a sign posted on the door and I have to mention it to my husband at least once a week, growing up he was not allowed to wear shoes in his family house so I have no idea what his problem is.
3. Instead of me :censored2:ing about things, I should stay more silent and let my silence talk. My husband hears my silence loud and clear.
4. Stop trying to make peace with unpeaceful people or people that have shown deep disrespect.
5. Stop letting myself be used by people that do not appreciate or recipocate.
6. Be quicker to learn the word NO when I don't want to do something.
7. Find a new passion.
8. Dress better.
9. Get the nerve up to tell my brother when he is acting like an AH. I tip toe around this to not cause friction but not anymore.
10. Be more patient with my sister in law, she is a nice person, means well but talks for a long time and does not say one damn thing.
11. Do more self care.
12. Don't stiffle my tears, it just causes sinus infections. This world is my home, I can cry where ever I want to.


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Happy New Year everyone!

My resolution is to get more sleep. Or to at least create better sleep habits. I am a shocking sleeper. I'm fortunate that I don't need a lot of sleep to function, but even so I think I should make a conscious effort to improve my sleep habits. I often stay up very late at night - actually into the wee hours of the morning - mindlessly scrolling on my phone, watching Netflix or reading. I'm either obsessing about my Difficult Child or trying to distract myself from him. It's a really bad habit and one I'd like to try to break, so my resolution is to be in bed before midnight each night!

I also need to commit to more exercise. I like to run but over the past six months I've got out of the habit. I need to work up to it but I'd love to be back running 3 - 4 times a week by the end of summer (I'm in Australia and it's summer here!)


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Mine is to get in at least 15 active minutes a day. I can sit and read all day, and I need to get my happy butt moving. Starting slow and we'll see where I end up.


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1) Living in the present.
Let the past go and try not to write the future. The present moment is really all we have.

2) Showing more tact.
I have bad habit of saying "so if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, how will YOU solve this problem?" It's really crass but gets the point across. I often use bad language and it's not necessary.


I've never made a resolution in my entire life. I DO however make resolutions, admissions truths and try to make improvements of any and all of my shortcomings every single day throughout the year tho.
For example, I am an interrupter; it is a bad family habit, I try to work on that daily. .. and kindness, always saying I'm sorry, forgive me, its me not you, things like that.
Better diet? pffffft lol - I just got back from the grocery and I have a ton of yummies/junk.
I DID however, recently buy a Total Gym. I put it together by myself and so far that is the only workout I've done with it. I love that machine! I think I have to move it to the foot of my recliner so I'll use it. Right now its out of sight out of mind and I don't like that. Its on another floor in a bonus/mother-in-law suite and I never go up there. I really do need to put it down here in the LR. because I do love that machine. I use to work out with a friend who had an entire gym in her home and fell in love with that machine. She had 9 or more machines and that one was my absolute favorite and I got results !