Now that you reopened what is different and

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by BusynMember, May 21, 2020.

  1. BusynMember

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    What is the same?

    Without orders to wear masks or being careful in my state, the businesses are doing both anyway!! I'm very impressed. This includes most grocery stores, small businesses, hair salons and most restaurants are not open yet although they could be. I hear bars are crazy at 25 percent capacity and people will get sick but we have no interest in bars.

    In general I am impressed with our part of our state.

    I think social distancing and handwashing and masks will be the new norm until there is a vaccine. I'm fine with that. Our state was hit hard in spots.

    Although things seem more "normal" they are different. Many of us believe this will rage back in fall/winter so we are stocking up while enjoying this break.

    How about you?
  2. Overwhelmed1

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    Busy, my area is highly populated and usually has many tourist. Memorial Day we start our next phase.
    Theatre's, hair salons, department stores and I believe even gyms are approved to open. Of course, there will be limited numbers allowed at a time and closely monitored for staying within the regulations.
    I'm not sure what I will participate in but I do need a haircut, oil change and my car cleaned.
    I think at some point people need to step out safely and practice good hygiene and be courteous of others well being.
    I pray we don't have another hard outbreak in the fall/winter. I currently work from home and I believe we are home permanently. That part I like. The only part.

    God bless everyone and keep us safe.

    Peace and Love
  3. Crayola13

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    We're mostly still shut down. It's getting frustrating and boring.
  4. HMBgal

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    Still shut down pretty hard here in San Francisco Bay Area. I live in a beach town, so we are going to be inundated here, which means people from all over coming here looking for parking to go to the beach, even though all the beaches are just now opened, but all the parking lots are closed, but they come anyway and park in our neighborhoods. It's a mess. The highway will be so clogged that the four mile trip to the grocery store will take at least 30 minutes. It's going to be really warm and beautiful here for the next three days, but we'll be locked down even more than usual because of the tourists. And they have no place to go to the bathroom as all the public restrooms are closed. It's absolutely crazy. I've heard some stories about that particular issue.
  5. BusynMember

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    Hi. I am sorry you can't keep the tourists out. I think the whole country heard about the bathroom problem in SF! I feel really badly for you. Sounds bad there.

    Sending all my prayers and all my love.
  6. Copabanana

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    I've been out and about, shopping. I worry about myself, that I seem to have lost my fear. I'm better off afraid. Nothing, not one thing good, can be found away from my home, and immediate neighborhood. I have a peaceful place to walk, near a creek, that's good enough.

    I've decided to only shop at Costco where masks are mandatory and they are taking extreme care. I sure hope that I adhere to this plan. And that I've gotten "cabin fever" out of my system. And Costco is open early for seniors on weekdays. I love Costco.

    I live in California, where I believed the numbers were going down only to hear there is a real problem in Los Angeles and several neighboring counties. Personally, I believe we are still quite vulnerable. I am trying to stock up so that I am prepared for what I fear will be the next wave.

    I'm a couple of hours from the Coast. What I would do to be at the beach, right now. Not. Memorial Day when we've been in quarantine for 10 weeks? A fool's errand, in my view.

    Be safe and well, everybody. Sending love.
  7. susiestar

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    We are largely closed here in OK. I know one neighboring city that opened up completely about 2 weeks ago. My stepMIL told me that nothing was closed in their city any longer. They were surprised to hear that we were still closed. We have one of the 2 state universities here in my town. Still most things seem closed, at least most of the restaurants. One BBQ place was open and they had to throw away dozens of pounds of meat because they cooked way more than they had customers show up for. That makes me sad. Esp because our homeless shelter could really have used that meat.

    I was lucky enough to get my first haircut in ten years just before everything closed down. The guy who cut it was really good, so I still look most good unless I get into the car. Our AC is out in the car, so I end up with a big knotted mess after I drive for a while. But it is still mostly cool here, so the heat isn't so bad.