Ok. Hats didn't work. What about fake bangs? They had to shave the front of my hair...

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    They shaved it for surgery. Ugh. My hair looks normal in back and don the sides, but my front hair is gone and my forehead is not attractive and I don't look good with combed back hair. Any ideas on fake bangs until my hair grows backK? Any other ideas?

    I'm one of those people who doesn't look good in hats. My head is very small, child's size, and most adult hats cover my eyes.

    Thanks for any suggestions ;)
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    This is what they can do:


    I think a wig, Serenity. It is best for us to feel beautiful.

    If there is a color or a way you have always wanted to do your hair, explore it now. Maybe something like Anne Lamott does.


    Those are extensions I think, tied into her hair.

    My daughter does this sometimes with very long braids, and it is beautiful.
    She ties things into the braiding, little charms or ribbon or beads.

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    Thanks cedar. I have thought of that. When a friend of mine had cancer she got alot of wigs and we tried them on. She was just borrowing tjem and is well now. I dont want to break the bank with a temp wig and dont know where to shop for one miderately priced. Any suggestions?
    Thanks again.
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    You could wear a beanie since it is probably cold outside. There are so many pretty ones these days. You can buy them in the children's department. Jumper might have some that you could borrow.
  5. ForeverSpring

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Pas. Actually, my biggest problem is that grown up hats of all kinds are too big on me and it's the front of my forehead that needs covering up.
    Jumper isn't a hat girl and the hats she has from playing sports are way too big for me. They come down to my eyes!!!
  6. Scent of Cedar *

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    Though your need is not cancer-related Serenity, it is medical-related. Check with your insurance provider regarding coverage for wigs. They may have information for you to follow through on, even if they do not cover the actual wig. Check too with the nurse at the office of the doctor who performed the surgery. There will be information there for you somewhere. If they cannot help you, call a Social Worker at a local hospital. If you google wigs and your city, you will see so many styles and colors. There are businesses who come to fit you in the home. If insurance coverage is available, or if you qualify for help through The American Cancer Society, this could be an option for you not only to see how you might like the various styles and colors, but to receive a professional's opinion on which style and color are most attractive, for you. Choose three styles you would like to try and go ahead and explore those three styles online through a variety of companies to learn about cost versus value. This will give you a place to begin. Then, you can begin comparing color and cost and style in a more defined way. When everything is new to us, what we need is a way to determine our path. I like the wig idea better than the hat idea because sometimes, we want to look pretty at home, too.

    Wrapping head scarves around your head would be a beautiful way to coordinate when you don't want to wear a wig or a hat.

    There are some beautiful ideas, here:


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    Maybe you could look in a store that caters to teens for a smaller knit hat?
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    Thank you, Lil. I liked your ideas! I will call and see.
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    You can but hats that have hair extensions built in. It wouldn't be so much like a creepy wig.
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    That's a great idea. I'm not very "into" fashion. I didn't even know hats like that existed!
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    Serenity, what about scarves? Really nice ones are cheap at the thrift store.

    What you do is fold the scarf so that it is about 3 inches thick, or a little bigger than where you have missing hair (a euphemism). Then you put it on and tie it in back under the rest of your hair. I will look for a picture.

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    scarf 3.jpg

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    And one more: scarf 4.jpg
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    I like the scarf idea personally because it is cheap and comfortable and cute.

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    I am at the library using the computer here. My internet is down and do not know when I will be back. I did not want you to worry. Will post on FOO, too. Be well, Serenity. If I do not talk to you before Thursday I will say thank you to G-d that you are on the way to well. Thank you for everything, Serenity.

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    Copa, same to you.
    With lots of love!!!!