OMG Day from Hades


Picked up difficult child from Y program. Feb break so he's spent 2 days with my dad and 3 days at the Y schools out program. He went Tue and Thur and tday to the Y. Yesterday he had red eyes and itchiness, I contributed it to the pool. Put some eye drops in and he was better. Picked him up today and he was a mess. Eyes just dropping tears like a river, red face, stuffy nose. Looked it up tonight, clearly a chlorine allergy. They must have shocked the pool last night and not rechecked the Ph? He was in a mess and they were giving him ice all day and no one calls me? In the car, tears just streaming down his face and he is not crying. Just miserable. Cute note he ordered his first pizza today while I was driving. So polite, pleases and thank you's. (I'm calling cause my mom is driving, he says...the girl laughed).

Get home, cat is in a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) mess and constipated. We were watching the constipated part and he was making progress, but he went into the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) stuff in the night. He had 2 bouts last year. OMG. An emergency visit. Vet is 1 min from our house and she was heading out, spent over an hour there to the tune of over $400. AHHHHHHH! Had I not, cat would probably not made it through the night. I am so cognizant of this because I had another with this chronic condition, but he didn't present until we got home from work today. I feel awful for him. Poor baby, bladder expression, blood draw and enema. He was panting so they were worried about cardiac arrest. He is 11. He is home, sequested in the laundry room with-litter box and food, but purrs like a champ and just wants a lap to be in:(

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Yup. Certainly Qualifies as a day from hades already. omg

I hope both difficult child and kitty are feeling much better by morning.



Its so good that you know what is wrong with both of them. I wouldn't have known about either if those.


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((((((((((hugs)))))))))) for you, for difficult child, and for kitty.

I would be FURIOUS with the y. Not calling you for that level of reaction was totally unacceptable. I agree that it sounds like the pool ph wasn't checked, but even if it was something else they should have called you when the reaction STARTED. If I was the parent of another child I would be furious also because it could have been pink eye in both eyes and then every person there would be infected. It doesn't sound like pink eye, but it could have been. Around here ANY eye problem is 'diagnosis'd' as pink eye by the school.

They let your child sit there miserable like that ALL DAY? Or for HOURS at a min? with-o calling you at all? I would be chewing tushies like popcorn at a LOTR marathon! I hope he feels better and some benedryl and eye drops can help. If it isn't much better this am I would call the doctor.

Poor kid and poor kitty.

Poor mommy too, cause nothing is fun when your babies are so miserable.


Thank you all. difficult child is totally better today. Definately a chlorine reaction. Liahona, I had my suspicions about difficult child and double checked online. Definately he had the two most common symptoms of a chlorine allergy (runny eyes and stuffed nose) but the poor kid was absolutely miserable. Susie, I will be calling the Y program director on Monday when she is in. We were out for quite a bit today. Cat, he's had this Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) (actually cystitus) before and I had another with it so I knew what to look for. Luckily, cat's labs came back all normal (he is older), but kidneys, liver, thyroid, blood count etc. all ok. He seems better as he is passing both ways and got into my lap for cuddles, pets and kneading tonight.

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Awwwww, so sorry for your cruddy day! Hugs to difficult child...(I would be super mad at the Y). Wish I could sit in your laundry room and hold the baby kitty. Hugs to you! Hopefully, tomorrow is better!


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i am glad he is better. I really think you should report the Y to your states safety and health dept, in our state and on the fed level it is called OSHA (occupational safety and health assoc), but it is different in some states. They NEED to be reported because they allowed more than one child into a pool with unsafe levels of chlorine and who knows what other chemicals. This is a HUGE problem, and not alerting you when difficult child had symptoms and was so sick is another HUGE problem. You owe it to the other parents to get someone in authority to keep a closer eye on them. OUr local Y tried to brush off this same issue in their pool and the adult female hot tub at the same time. A friend who was elderly was hospitalized due to the pool levels and the hot tub got me - actually ate the swimsuit off my body as I was wearing it. I had an awful rash and reaction, and two top immunolgists think it is what started my psoriatic arthritis - I had autoimmune issues but nothing of that scale until this happened. There can be long term consequences from these exposures. I cannot even be in pools now because it rips my skin to pieces and I end up with huge sores, some are bigger than four by six inches and involve almost all the layers of my skin, even the very deep ones. Even the chlorine in tap water is a big problem for me.

You NEED to tell them about this and to get them to realize what a big issue it is. Don't let them brush you off, and notify the state and city health depts about it. It is THAT BIG A DEAL. IF your child doesn't have lasting issues, that is good. But it could be any kid who could end up with long term problems. My elderly friend almost died from complications of infection that set in where her skin was attacked. Imagine having ALL of your skin be infected and sore? It was awful.


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Sorry for the bad parts of the day but I broke into a huge smile just picturing the pizza order...particularly the aside to the people explaining why he was calling. I love little boys between ten and twelve. To me that's the "best" time. DDD