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we moved and made friends with a couple shortly afterward.

They live across town here, so we tend to see them once or twice a month. He is in his early 70s. Fairly good health. Eats healthy. Slim. Mild concern re blood sugar.

We went out of town for two days for my husband’s work. Right before he had a weird cardiac type incident. I got some concerning texts from her. Was not able to reach her.

Yesterday, I got a text saying F’s open heart surgery went well.

Omg. I texted back “Can I call you?” She said that he just got out of surgery and to wait and she would call me. I said great and that maybe we could visit Sunday or Monday if he felt ok. She did not text back last night or as of yet this morning.

Bottom line...I know very little about recuperation of this type of surgery.

Anybody been through this or close to someone who has?

1. Do they tend to be in icu long?
2. Can they typically have visitors after a few days?
3. How long is recuperation?
4. How painful is it?
5. Would flowers be appropriate? If so, now or in a few days?

Thank you.
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Hi Nomad,

So sorry to hear about your friend but glad the surgery went well. Much depends on the surgery itself. If it was a bypass surgery where they take veins from the legs, or was it a valve replacement.
From what you shared that he's in pretty good health will aid in his recover time.

Typically, flowers are not allowed in ICU but a nice card should be okay.

Right now he's receiving the best care he can get. My concern is with his wife. So many times the spouse is not taking care of themselves because they are so concerned about their loved one. Make sure to ask her if she's eating and getting enough sleep as she may be spending many hours at the hospital.

Something else you could do for them is to make some meals that can be frozen.



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She called and we spoke very briefly as she was interrupted. Several blocked valves. Vein taken from leg.
Thank you for that great input Tanya. Thank you AppleCori.