Orthorexia, Excessive Exercise & Nutrition. This Can Be Deadly

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    Be sure you don't take your diet into unhealthy territory where it becomes unhealthy, even if you think you are eating very healthy and exercising a lot. 60% of all people with eating disorders are inherited. I saw this article and thought I'd share. I wonder how many people who think they are eating and exercising to health are really sick. Because we were talking about dieting I thought I'd post this. And the one below.

    Orthorexia, Excessive Exercise, and Nutrition - This Can be Deadly
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    Over exercising. I can think of three people in my immediate family tree who do this. They don't just exercise. It's off the charts and all of them were/are underweight. One is deceased and his eating and exercise did not help him live a particularly long life as he died of Parkinson and Dementia at 72. Many people who are heavier and't exercise to the extent he did live much longer lives.