Parents, what medications were most effective for your difficult children?


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Hi parents, I am curious to hear what your children were formally diagnosed with and after experimentation, in your opinion, which medications were most effective in treating them? Are they still medicated now as adults? I know situations vary widely around here.

I have written about my experiences in depth, but briefly I was formally diagnosed by a child psychiatrist with anxiety and ODD and was medicated with Prozac at age 5. This worked very well for me and aside from dosage adjustments, I didn't need significant changes. I remained on 60mg until adulthood and recently came off. I was able to manage without the Prozac for a while, but unfortunately ended up struggling with anger and emotional regulation. The doctors recently reinstated the Prozac with the recommendation to be on a minimum of 40mg for life as it is simply too challenging for me to properly regulate without.