Php took difficult child off his medication for a few days and funny thing difficult child said.

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    Monday when difficult child came home from php he told there were 2 new kids in his class and one of them and I quote, "he is just like me, he is mean, drives me crazy and I don't like him." I asked difficult child why he does not like him and he said, "he is too obnoxious and says really mean things." I then asked again, "he is just like you and you don't like him?" "Yes, he is not a very nice person." I then repeated he is like you, not a nice person and you don't like him?" He got agitated and said, "yes, that is what I said." I then told him, "well, maybe now you will understand why people get upset with you when you are mean and out of control." then it was like a lightbulbturned on his brain and he said,'oh, I guess so." :winnersmiley:I talked to his counselor there and told him the story too and he laughed and told me they keep getting into verbal arguments and they are too much alike. Henthought it was funny that difficult child thinks that way.

    There are 2 psychiatrist at difficult child php. The one I like called yesterday to talk about difficult child depression and outbursts that have been happening. We had a long talk and he has a really detailed plan on how to proceed. First, he wants to take him off Daytrana for a few days to make sure the depression is not from that as sometimes there can be negative effects. Since he had a really bad effect from Vyvanse 3 weeks into taking it certainly is possible. If they do not see an improvement in his mood or depression they he goes back on it.

    At home we have been having horrible outbursts in the evening at bedtime where he gets so out of control, throws things, throws things at me, tries to hit me and husband, slams doors, knocks things over and tells us "you hate me, you wish I was never born, you are soooo mean to me (because I tell him it is bedtime!) I wish you would just shoot me and so forth. (but smiles after he makes the shoot me comment). The last 2 days I have actually had to hold him in my lap (not easy to do!) and talk calmly to him to calm his brain down, don't listen to your brain and so forth. (he always tells us his brain makes him do these things) after 5 or 10 minutes he snaps out of it and is himself again. At that point he apologizes and gets upset that he did those things. The psychiatrist is having us hold his daytrana to see of this is a rebound type of thing. I don!t think it is but we will see. If it does not get better he goes back on daytrana and he is going to add clonidine in the evening to help calm him so he can sleep.

    Finally, after all that is done and if he is still depressed he wants to add an antidepressant. I am happy with this plan as this addresses all my concerns with his worsening behavior. I just cannot believe how much difficult child has changed since Aug when this all started. The only thing that changed when this happened was starting 1st grade which is all day vs kindergarten which was half days. We have had some behavior issues prior to this but nothing like this. It just boggles my mind how fast he changed.

    I imagine difficult child at php is quite interesting today and they most likely have their hands full. He was at this php in Oct for a week when we had not even started medications yet (had to get clearance for cardiac issues) so they have seen him full on ADHD but it will be interesting! Oh and if he goes back on daytrana they are considering going back to 10mg since he has a flat affect in the afternoon on 15mg. The good news is we got our insurance company to pay for daytrana even though it isn not normally covered.
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    That is a poignant kind of way. Perhaps he will see the similarities at some point. Sure hope they come up with the right medications to help him function well. Decades and decades ago I used to hug GFGmom sitting on the sofa to help her calm down.
    One day she said to me "my arm is stuck behind you". I almost broke out laughing. Duh, lol. Instead I responded by saying that lets us be closer to each other." Fingers crossed for your family. Hugs. DDD
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    I might be way of now....never read a post with your full son also sometimes gets like this regarding bedtime.....did they ever suspected any Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) maybe? This really causes my son plenty of terrible behaviour!
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    I know they have a couple diagnosis they are suspecting and are monitoring him for them. They have not said all they suspect wich is ok with me till they are sure.

    He had quite an interesting day there! Most days he has 2 maybe 3 comments on his daily sheet and today it was completely full! He gave them a very good representation of all his issues today and then some. I have a meeting with them tomorrow which should be interesting!

    Now just to get thru the rest of the day without any major issues...
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    I still have to lay with my 8 year old daughter as she will cry and scream if I don't. Then when she wakes up in the middle of the night to see that I'm not there, she is up for hours. I never had bedtime issues until we were in a car accident when she was 2 1/2. She remembers it all, like it was yesterday. She has slight PTSD but nothing high enough to be diagnosed. It was a student counselor who discovered her sleeping was related to the car accident.... wish she had graduated already! Can you think of anything that maybe traumatized your son at a young age?
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    No. For him it is more of a behavior thing. He isn't afraid to go to bed. He doesn't want too. And he gets himself so worked up because he does not want to go that he gets so out of control and all these other behaviors come out. These things surface randomly at other times during the day when he is told to do something he does not want to do but it is worse in the evening now because I take his daytrana patch off at 3:45 and by 7pm it is completely wore off so he has no medications foe behavior after that.

    Since he is medication free today I have already had one really bad episode with him over the Xbox where he got completely out of control. Normally he is fairly good after school but he completely fell apart today being medication free. I hope the psychiatrist gets enough info monitoring these couple days and we can restart the patch by the weekend or I going to be the ne who needs medicated!
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    LOL, not that this is in any way funny, but really the days Q had his big issues at psychiatric hospital were days they didn't get his concerta in. I remember when he was younger and we went to a great Occupational Therapist (OT) clinic but honestly the owner made me crazy. Thought all kids should NOT be on medications and if only they had enough Occupational Therapist (OT) then things would be fine. Back then, he only got medications with me in the morning, our mornings were often chaotic, I owned a daycare and was up to my elbows in kids and his transport etc... I missed his medications a couple of times... I would get calls...they only had him for ONE hour and they couldn't handle it! So funny, eventually no one ever said anything about his getting of medications any time soon or ever.