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    Duckie went to a birthday party sleepover last night with her BFF. Bff's twin stayed home and had a sleepover with two other girls. I don't want to say that I dislike these two other girls, but I will say they are trouble with a capital T. So Duckie went to Bff's house this afternoon and the other girls were there still there. It turns out that the girls went online last night (not at the party Duckie was at) and went to for their talk to strangers chat. Thankfully, Duckie and Bff realized what they were doing and told Bff's parents.

    Watch your kids. They ARE that stupid, unfortunately, and there are predators just waiting for their chance to get at them.
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    Yup. And my kids had a holy fit they were never allowed on the home computer unless mom was Right There watching them. They didn't have their own computers to use. No way. But now.......they thank me........and their kids, don't get to use the computer either except with the same rule. :)

    Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I see no reason for a kid under 18 to be socializing online when they're still trying to learn how to do it in person.
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    I'm glad Jett has no inclination except for his XBox live... Which we can monitor real time. So we can block people if/when necessary. Mostly, though, they're playing games, not socializing. Onyxx, on the other hand... I'm detaching. She is 17 and has to learn it for herself now... All the trying we did before, didn't really help. So we just gotta keep at it.

    Bio allowed Onyxx to have a myspace account at age 9. And, well... Unmonitored, except when she was here (and she HATED that). But - too bad...
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    We have access to a lot of technology here but very strict with what, how and when Duckie can access it. The ironic thing is that Duckie is very knowledgeable about predators because of her former director being brought up on a variety of charges last year. He'll be sentenced this week, actually, and is facing up to a life sentence and a $250,000 fine. It was ugly business and even though Duckie wasn't directly hurt by his actions, it did have a huge impact on her. So these girls decided to show off to the wrong friend. Duckie told Bff what was going on and the two of them immediately told the parents what was happening.

    It also turns out that one of the other girls gave an out of state 15 year old boy her skype address and cell phone #. They were talking and skyping overnight and today. He called the girl while Duckie was there and Duckie grabbed the phone, answered it with "Stop calling this #, creep!".

    The girl tried to tell Duckie it was okay for her to talk to him because she "knew" him now and he was "nice". Duckie said "Nice is different than good" and told anyway.
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    WOW! Never thought of it that way. Love it and will use that from now on. Works in a gazillion situations, doesn't it?
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    Yes! It's actually from a Stephen Sondheim song "I Know Things Now" from the musical "Into the Woods". It's sung by Little Red Riding Hood. Here are the lyrics:

    Mother said,
    "Straight ahead,"
    Not to delay
    or be misled.
    I should have heeded
    Her advice...
    But he seemed so nice.

    And he showed me things
    Many beautiful things,
    That I hadn't thought to explore.
    They were off my path,
    So I never had dared.
    I had been so careful,
    I never had cared.
    And he made me feel excited-
    Well, excited and scared.

    When he said, "Come in!"
    With that sickening grin,
    How could I know what was in store?
    Once his teeth were bared,
    Though, I really got scared-
    Well, excited and scared-
    But he drew me close
    And he swallowed me down,
    Down a dark slimy path
    Where lie secrets that I never want to know,
    And when everything familiar
    Seemed to disappear forever,
    At the end of the path
    Was Granny once again.

    So we wait in the dark
    Until someone sets us free,
    And we're brought into the light,
    And we're back at the start.

    And I know things now,
    Many valuable things,
    That I hadn't known before:
    Do not put your faith
    In a cape and a hood,
    They will not protect you
    The way that they should.
    And take extra care with starngers,
    Even flowers have their dangers.
    And though scary is exciting,
    Nice is different than good.

    Now I know:
    Don't be scared.
    Granny is right,
    Just be prepared.

    Isn't it nice to know a lot!
    And a little bit not...
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    PROUD of DUCKIE!!!!!!
  8. tiredmommy

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    I am too. I just hope that she's able to maintain her rigid thinking about such things as she goes into and through her teen years.
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    I am proud of Duckie too. Hopefully what you have taught her will stay with her through her teen years. I have always heard that a girl who has a strong bond with her father (or father figure/male role model in her life) that thinks she is the apple of their eyes and that the sun sets on her, will do much better during the teen years. That she will feel less of a need to go out and give herself to just any old boy. I really believe that is true.
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    Duckie is a truly wonderful and well grounded young lady. It is hard to go against a group of peers and tell the adult in charge, esp knowing they will get into trouble and be angry with you.

    She is very right that nice is different than good, but it is a tough lesson for many people to learn.

    This site is awful. Their warnings and the 'don't do it with-o parental permisson' are worded in such a way that they are most likely to be taken as a dare by teens and tweens. it makes me sick.

    My kids are not as supervised online as y'alls, mostly because the computer they have the most access to is linux because it crashed and it won't show a lot of sites, so they are unable to do some of the worst things. We also check their history and the history on the server and so far have no reason to not trust them. thank you goes to 3 sites, period. J to about six, but even those are checked maybe 1-3 times a month. They have other things to do, thankfully!
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    Duckie did good. -RM
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    Duckie's Bff told Duckie today that the good thing about all this is that she got to help keep her sister safe and get her in deep doo-doo with their parents, a win-win situation all the way around. :rofl: