Progress not Perfection for all of us.


On the road unwanted to travel
It’s so hard to believe a year ago today I had my son arrested for the first time. And you all know the hell rhat followed.

Fast forward to today, he is still in long term rehab and embracing his program. He is now mentoring new residents. He is so very happy and healthy.

He has had 2 24 hour leaves and the last one was super scary. He went out with girlfriend and friends to a music fest here in town. I was a mess. He was respectful of the time cerfew was sober and tested clean up in his return. He is the only boy in rehab who has not relapsed or gotten drunk or high on his 24 hour leave.

We had his MMPI completed by our private therapist. She does not believe he is Borderline (BPD), which is a huge weight off of our shoulders. We were so extatic to hear this news. He is suffering with something called adjustment disorder. This is something that will pass over time and The therapy is the same DBH.

We are so pleased with his progress that we have offered to have him move home with us after rehab is over. This offer comes with restrictions and continued therapy, school and a part time job.

The AC repairman was on the property of the rehab and he observed how good Es work was. He offered him a job and training with his HVAC company. E had to explain that he wasn’t a grounds keeper and that he was a member of the rehab community. The fellow was so shocked. Isn’t that nice he doesn’t appear to be the drug addict he used to be.

I am torn at the moment as the rehab has been disruptive lately. A lot of drugs smuggled in and a lot of relapse. He has been a champion through it all.

We know he desperately wants to leave the program and move on with his life. We tell him it is about giving back and leading the community now. He continues in school and there appears to be a mild learning disability present. Chicken or the Egg here. We will develop a plan to have an IEP completed; this will assist him in moving forward.

Cop mom and girlfriend are still in the picture. To this I have to let go and let God and his wisdom intervene. We will just let it run it’s course without making it a drama fest).

I think of you so often all of my dear friends. Sending love and warm wishes to all of you!

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LBL what a wonderful update. I am so glad that E continues to make progress in rehab. He is so fortunate to have your love and support. Prayers going up that he keeps up the good work and stays focused.


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LBL, This is a promising report. I know you still have those cautious feelings and thoughts, as we should have while they are working through the program, but he knows your heart, your love and support. I am glad to hear this news.
Take care. Thank you for sharing.


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Sounds like his progress is nothing short of remarkable!

It’s so hard to get a correct mental health diagnosis when the person is using substances. Our D C got a bipolar diagnosis during a brief stay in the hospital, but since he had been taking Spice for weeks on end, I doubt it was correct.

Keep up with he updates whenever possible, and join us on the Watercooler if you get a break and have the time.

I am very happy for you and your son. What a relief! It seems like so many people have traits of personality disorders. I really think labels are destructive even if someone truly does have one. We are all individuals with bits and pieces of positive and negative traits and learned coping mechanisms. And those with diagnosed personality disorders might end up unconsciously living up to the stereotype and in turn sabotagie themselves. I do see how it might be useful in distinguishing what type of therapy is needed or works best though. Psychiatry/psychology is fascinating but also such a fluctuating and meandering science. Anyway, so good to hear about your son's progress. Hoping for continued success for him!


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

This is great to hear. I love to hear when our boys embrace the good things that life has to offer instead of continually choosing the wrong path.

I will hold my breath for your son as I do for mine, that he continues on the path to recovery.