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    Has anyone ever used this oil? I read about it on Dr. Oz's website and I ordered the product. It is delicious and I have noticed a change in 4 days on my complexion. Softer and not as dry. I use it to saute my vegetables and mushrooms. It is delicious and super healthy for you. You can also use it to bake with though I haven't tried that. It is red in color. Going to fry some tilapia in it tonight. Eggs are really good cooked with this oil. I made a mixture of mushroom, zuccini, garlic, onion, green pepper and red peppers, whole wheat pasta with this oil. You have to use 100% unrefined oil. I have noticed a great increase in my energy. I have not yawned at all this morning and that is something I do regularly right after getting out of bed. Not today. Could also be the healthier choices I have been making, but I really believe this red palm oil has something to do with it, If you have used it or use it now, let me know, I'de like to know more about it.
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    Okay, now I really have to tell you something amazing, i have had some bumps on my amrs for years, I can't remember how I got them but I think they were a mosquito bite that I scratched. My skin had all kinds of splotches and blemishes on them. After about 10 days they are gone. I am not a salesperson for this stuff, and I know I sounds like it, but it is totally really unbelievable. I have used no lotions, no anythng on my arms or hands at all. My skin is soft, its usually always dry. It has been regarded as a secret healing food by many cultures, and I never heard anything about it. It really is healing my skin.
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    Sounds very interesting! Keep us updated!
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    Jody I saw this on Dr Oz the other day and wrote it down so I could look for it at the whole foods store. Now you have me all excited and I want to try it right away.
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    It is so crazy, I touch my arm or leg and I swear it's really My arms are crazy, I keep looking at them, and still can't believe it myself. I wonder if it would help people with psoriasis. I would love to know. I don't have it but I think it would be amazing for that.
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    D H had a pneumonia vaccine this Fall. We believe (derma concurs possible connection, though no solid evidence) the vaccine and immune response from it sent psoriasis into explosive high gear. The outbreak has come under control. We are looking into borage oil / sea salt scrub, plus other essential oils. I have not read about red palm oil. I did begin using aragan, an essential oil, on my skin and hair, and am amazed at the results.

    Borage, evening primrose, and flax seed oil are said to contain high levels of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), an essential nutrient.

    There are essential oil cleansing routines specific to acne.

    I am learning many things about essential oils and health.

    For those struggling with psoriasis (or maybe, any autoimmune disorder?), here is a link to research on the links between psoriasis and prescription medication. The link to lithium mentioned above is noted in the research.

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    Cedar, how did your skin change? How do you do it on your hair and skin? How long do you leave it? Do you wash it off?

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    The bottle comes with an eye dropper. I put say, a quarter of the dropper into the palm of my hand, and spread the oil with my fingers, rubbing the rest into the skin of my hands. Be careful not to get the oil in your eyes. For my hair, I just rubbed it into the ends. I have long hair like you do, Copa. It simply absorbed.

    I have only been using this for a few days, so there may be problems that will come up. So far, I really like it. I have very dry, sensitive skin. The oil has not made me break out (yet) but it does seem to have taken the redness away.

    I am liking it very much so far.

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    Please do not use palm oil products, or products containing palm oil of any kind.

    Rain forests are being clear cut for palm plantations. As a result, sloths and orangutans are dying by the thousands, either killed by workers on oil plantations, or due to loss of habitat when the rain forests are cut down.

    Rivers are being polluted by plantation run-off, which includes dangerous, unregulated pesticides and weed-killers.

    There are other, earth friendly oils that are good for the skin and hair, and other oils that can be used in cooking that are healthy.

    Palm oil actually isn't that healthy an oil.
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  11. GoingNorth

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    I think very little of Dr.Oz, just because he's turned into a shill for various products.

    Plus, IIRC, he's a pediatrician or something by trade. Whatever he's trained in has little applicability to the products he pushes on TV.
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    He does seem to sell an awful lot of stuff......makes me think of the old-time traveling medicine men selling elixirs.....not to say some of the stuff doesn't work.........?
  13. Scent of Cedar *

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    A link to National Psoriasis Foundation

    A link to Edgar Cayce Overview of Psoriasis

    You Tube Psoriasis Edgar Casey: Leaky Gut


    With the second course of prednisone, the worst of it receded. It has been two weeks, and with the following regimen, has come under control.

    Topical prescription strength (tar based) cream

    Dead Sea Salt: All salt toughens the skin and, per dermatologist, is good for the skin.

    Borage Oil Internally and externally.

    Today, we are beginning:

    1/4 t extra virgin olive oil x 4 daily Theory here is that the olive oil in very small amounts will coat and heal and feed the intestinal tract without stimulating a release of bile to emulsify the fat.

    Slippery Elm tea in the morning

    Saffron tea in the evening

    Nightshade: Who knew?

    And finally, this:

    I am going to find a CD of this and play it as background music in our home, along with Lionel Ritchie (because it is happy and pretty and easy to listen to) and I think Beethoven. (For energy.) I will post back on how whether I do this, and on how he is doing.

    Some research indicates chiropractic alignment can be helpful.


    We've found much conflicting information on diet. So, we are going to ban nightshade and begin slippery elm tea and saffron tea. For now, that will be enough. D H is not happy about diet change. Italian D H loves tomatoes which are of the nightshade family. The second article listed above is especially informative regarding the history of this family of poisonous plants, which includes: Tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. Eggplant, too. All contain some form of nicotine.

    It is thought that a six month exclusion of nightshades will allow the body to recover from the effects of nightshades in our diets. (For those sensitive to nightshade family of plants.)

    Asthma, and many other diseases described as autoimmune disorders may also turn out to be an allergic reaction to nightshade.

    Interesting reading.

    I will post about what we learn.

    We do believe, and the dermatologist has confirmed the possibility, that the flu vaccine D H had this Fall may be at the heart of this exacerbation.

    Blood pressure medications, particularly those ending in "lol", have been implicated in psoriasis.

    There is no definitive answer or sure fire cure.
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    Cedar... I missed this new challenge. Sorry to chime in late. But...

    If you want to really try something "radical"... take your husband to a 100% gluten-free diet. Absolutely no wheat, barley, rye, triticale, or other derivitives of these, including... beer and related liquors (wine is fine), pasta (I know, he's genetically predisposed to live on pasta), bread, etc.

    It's a massive change (we just went through it). One family member has had both psoriasis and eczema for years. Some topicals knock it back a bit... but it's always there on some level. Three weeks into gluten-free: psoriasis is significantly reduced and eczema is nonexistant. A couple of weeks after being clear, had two chocolates that were flavored with barley malt. Eczema is back... for a few days, because of course, we went back to total girlfriend.

    NOTE: Chocolate does NOT contain gluten. But some "chocolates" do - in this case, it was the filling in a truffle. Gluten-free means reading every single label, every single time.

    Going Gluten-free is part of the secret to my weight loss (seriously, it's really hard to get too many calories from veggies and even fruit!).
  15. Scent of Cedar *

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    Thank you, IC.

    I am exploring Chinese medicine for leaky gut syndrome. It is in the article I cited for us above. I hadn't read the entire article, thinking I knew all that stuff already. But I didn't know. Not in the way it is explained in this article.

    So I am going to do more research on Chinese medicine and think about finding a Chinese medicine practitioner.

    Thanks, IC.

    I will tell D H about the effect on your family of a strictly gluten free diet.

    We are reading about diet changing, and have ourselves confused and without determination to see it through because every diet says something different. How did you learn to do gluten free? Is there a cook book or website you recommend?

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    Can I have oatmeal and sweet potatoes, Insane? I have decided if I can have those and 2 cups of low fat milk for my coffee and tea, I can do anything.
    I do not know what this is, but I will now check. Not to be so self-focused but maybe that is what I have. It certainly seems preferable to my latest self-diagnosis which is ulcerative colitis.

    The fast oxidizer diet does not allow tomatoes. I did that a long time ago and my IBS went away (until I stopped the diet.)

    Cedar, I had wonderful help that has lasted decades from homeopathic medicine.

  17. Copabanana

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    Leaky Gut Syndrome: Common Symptoms
    You may have Leaky Gut Syndrome if you experience any of these symptoms:

    • Gastrointestinal complaints: Abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, indigestion, heartburn
    • Neurological disturbances: Aggressive behavior, anxiety, confusion, fuzzy or foggy thinking (brain fog), mood swings, nervousness, poor memory
    • Breathing troubles: Shortness of breath, asthma
    • Other symptoms: Poor immunity, recurrent bladder infections, recurrent vaginal infections, skin rashes, bed-wetting, chronic joint pain, chronic muscle pain, fatigue.

    Thank you everybody. I feel very motivated to go gluten free based upon this thread.

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    Sweet potatoes are absolutely fine.

    Oats have a caveat: Oats themselves do not have gluten. But the most commonly available oat products are processed in facilities that also process wheat, barley and rye. The oats get contaminated, often with significant quantities of gluten. The answer to this is to get gluten free oats. These have been processed in gluten free facilities. So far, I've been able to get these oroducts in gluten free oats: fast cooking rolled oats, slow cooking rolled oats, steel cut oats, oat flour.
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    Hello, everybody. And to those who read this thread in future, looking for help for someone they love.


    Tri-Derma Medical Strength Psorisis Control Bought at WalMart. This is the creme that, in addition to the prescription medications but only as needed, works best for D H. Maybe, the prescription creams are too strong and set up a kind of allergic response of their own, we are thinking. This creme leaves his skin soft and moisturized. Keeping the skin moist and healthy so it would stay intact was at least half the battle.

    Borage Oil / Dead Sea Salt Scrub The borage oil has been helpful. D H used it externally in a salt scrub and as a moisturizer, and took it internally as well. In capsule form. Borage is said to contain GLA, an essential fatty acid. For those in whom psoriasis is connected to a deficiency in GLA, borage, evening primrose, or hemp oil supplementation may be helpful.


    This is nasty, nasty stuff. It did stop the reaction. D H needed to use it twice and it was prescribed a third time, but so far, he is managing without having had to resort to prednisone again. It resulted in essential tremor, fogginess, a kind of helpless irritability seemingly separate from the challenges of the psoriatic outbreak.

    This has been one of the worst things that have happened to us.

    Think carefully before vaccinations. It was a pneumonia vaccine, not a flu vaccine, that may probably have set this off.

    Diet seems not to have played too much a part for D H.

    Blood pressure medications have the potential for causing or exacerbating psoriasis.

    Thanks to all who have helped me think this through, and who have shared your own hard-won knowledge. I had a discussion with someone who was certain genetic modification of our food supplies beginning in the 60s has much to do with all auto-immune issues.

    Each of us responds differently. If you are dealing with auto-immune issues, Dr Weil has an online diet and menu which might make changing our eating patterns less stressful.

  20. Copabanana

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    Cedar, you and he change his diet?