Robots—what the heck are they?


Has anyone else seen the “Robots” signed in from various places as our “guests? What is that? Pardon my ignorance on technical computer issues but I can't imagine what they do.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look around the new website format, they are under visitors online, I think. It’s a good idea to get acquainted with the new format anyway; there are some differences from the previous format.

Can somebody clue me in? I don’t understand all this new-fangled stuff!

Thank you!


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Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.



Yes, thank you. I see where they came from, but I was wondering, do they represent people? I mean, there are guests and robots. What is the difference?

Thanks to anyone out there who knows computers better than I do!


Thanks. Something funny yesterday. I tried to get here from a different computer and I must have typed and I got one of those messages saying that the domain name was for sale. I see now that it’s plural. Lol

I Googled the robots as well and understand it a little better now. Apparently, the robots, crawlers, and there are other names for them, electronically go out into the web and just search for data they can store so that when people type certain things into the search engine there is information for them to access or sites to refer them to.

And when I was doing my search, my own question from last night (robots—what the heck are they?) popped up, with a reference to! That was fast.


Wow! I was going to suggest owning that one too, if it wasn’t too expensive just because people will try to profit off your domain name by having the same one and making it plural, singular, .net instead of .com, etc. Guess that idea’s out, huh?

I design jewelry and at one time was considering a web presence, although I have put it on hold for the time being. But to “cover” myself, I bought about 6 versions of the domain name, with every name combination and dot-something imaginable! Luckily they are fairly inexpensive and I pay it once a year. Hmmmm...maybe I should check and see if one of them is worth $7,500—I’ll sell !! ;)


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I am lost on this new site. Where do I look for new posts? For new threads? How do I get notified of new posts on threads where I have posted?

And I don't want the emails that advise me of posts to go to my private email, and I can't stop them.

Thank you.

Deni D

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Hi Copa ~ I think I found it, go to your login icon

click on Preferences and then you will see a couple of boxes you can uncheck for emails. Hope it works.


Copa, if you will go to Forums, then Watched Threads, over to the right is a Tab that says Manage Watched Threads, click on that and you can adjust them. All the info about threads is under Forums, ie, Threads with your posts, etc.

The way I find new posts is either through What’s New, (recent ones are listed with new ones highlighted), or New Posts (just new ones listed).

Hope this helps!