Son back in Custody


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My son was picked up today as he walked through the park. They had a warrant out for him since he ran away from our home on house arrest. I heard yesterday he went to his grandparents house asking for food, which is heartbreaking. I know since he’s been out on the streets, he got deeper into drugs & started hanging out with the gangbangers. Im hurt but I know I tried , these last few weeks have been emotionally draining, now I can sleep at night , knowing he is safe. Now I wait for his phone call & see what the judge will say in court tomorrow. I’m sure he will do some time.


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Hi Helpless

I am so very sorry for how this is going. For now, he is way better off locked up. He proved it to us. I hope you keep posting to deal with the emotional part of this. It helps. Sending love and prayers.


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Oh Helpless, I just want to send you a huge hug. It's so hard, but at least he is not on the streets now. Keep in touch and let us know what the judge says. Sending my love.

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Hugs to you. You gave it your best and then more. Time to take care of YOU now. This is his life and his consequences. I read the article on detachment every day as it gives me strength. This forum and the great support does too!


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You have given 100% to this. You are correct, you can sleep, knowing he is safe, has a bed, food, structure, sobriety and your parents won't feel obligated to provide food. Please keep posting and practice self care. I have learned a great deal from your posts and it has helped me grow!