Special names/nicknames for you and others


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MY first name is really truly Pam. And I dont care if you know this, althoigh I never liked my name. It IS my name.

Through the years I have been.Spam Spammy, Ham, and Hammy. My last name (maiden) was something that started like the word Rub. Because of this I was Rubby, Ruberneck (most hated one), Grub, Grubneck and Rube. Nobody in elementary school called me Pam. It was all these nicknames. Rubberneck was the absolute most common. I was so glad whrn I married a man with a normal last name!

For a while my initials wete PP (first husband) and others liked to call that as a tease. My initials are now PSM (final and best husband ever). Yes, people like to sometimes mix it up and call me PMS.:p

Anyone call their parents or Grandparents by an odd name? My grandma, who was my bestie,. I called Mom. Just that. It was fitting. She was my Mom, really. My bio. Mother was Mother. Mom was understood to mean my grandma was very special to have such an intimate name.Once we had to write about our grandmas in school and I remember mine was called "I Dont Have a Grandma. I have a Mom" Clear as a bell memory.
The uncle I didnt like was called Stu. I didnt honor him often with an Uncle. That would have been for somebody I respected He called me The Brat when I was a toddler.

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Love those, SOT! LOL!

Not much in the way of nicknames in our house, but I did nickname my youngest, "chicken-legs", because of his spindly, skinny legs! He used to look so funny wearing plain pin-fastened cloth diapers, because he was all diaper, with the diapers gapping horribly around his legs. For the fist year I applied a second diaper pin on each side of his diapers above the thigh, to help keep solids from falling out into his rubber pants. LOL!

Oh, I did call my kids "stinkers" when they were little, too. Nothing to do with how they smelled, just that I like the name, stinkers", so I used it. "Okay you little stinker, time for bed", that sort of thing.


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I didn’t have any nicknames in elementary/middle school, and don’t remember anyone being given derogatory or teasing nicknames. Maybe it happened to someone, but I don’t recall it if it did.

SWOT— I hope you were called those names in the spirit of fun and not to be mean. It sounds mean, though. I can’t imagine how that would feel to a child. I would feel like either crying or punching someone, or both.

In high school, the coaches tended to use your last name, and sometimes a variation of it. I was called “Quest” because my last name was long and complicated and the ending sounded like quest. It wasn’t mean-spirited or derogatory, and everyone used it.

My high school boyfriend called me “Babs” or Babe” as A play on our initials, and some of my friends picked it up, also.

I called my son “Bud” (short for buddy, because he was my little buddy) till he was grown. I use it occasionally, even now. It is not even close to his real name. I didn’t address him that way all the time, of course. Most of the time I used his actual name, but sometimes I used Bud, as in ‘Hey, Bud, wanna go outside and ride bikes?’ But NEVER, ‘Go clean your room, Bud’. It was always a fun name.

My twins gave each other nick names when that we all used but I won’t use here, as they would be too specific.

My youngest, I use the diminutive of her given name.


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Apple, your names are cute!

My elementary school names, made out of my hideous last name, were mean.
I got bullied. But I didnt cry. I was used to it and had the optimistic hope that as I grew up the kids would get nicer.

They did. In high school many schools merged into one and the kids from the other schools disliked those from mine so it was much more comfy. Also a new friend taught me how to stick up for myself. I also went from looking like an elf to being very pretty, much prettier than some of the girls who had teased me. Boys at school asked me out. In high school that is the best way to get back at bullies without saying a word.

The other names were affectionate names. I loved being called Spam and Spammy. That was all in fun.
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I was called The Munchkin in high school by the group I hung out with, because I was the shortest.