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    Well I am in bed for Tuesday night. He isnt but Tony and I are. Last night Buck stayed up till 1:30 preaching at Billy about God only knows what. Billy said he was getting madder and madder and Buck was making less and less sense the longer he rambled. Billy happens to be my child that knows a great deal about the bible. He spent about 8 years going to church 2 times a week plus Sunday School plus he has read the bible cover to cover and read a series of books explaining the bible. Why I dont know. Its an Aspie thing.

    Tonight Buck walked in the house and after they ate the dinner I made from scratch without nary a word of thanks or even a kiss my ass, he sits on the couch and announces that they are cloning people. Just out of the blue. I was watching the news. It was not about cloning anything. I just looked at him and said no they arent. He said oh yes they are, they have cloned people and they keep them hidden away somewhere. Im thinking he is really paranoid. Maybe schiz.
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Whackadoodle. I'd lock my door. I have thoughts that he's a sociopath. With some other problems, and I'm telling you - the man is on DRUGS.
  3. mstang67chic

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    Buck: They are cloning people.

    Janet: Really? Wonder if your clone would like my cooking?
  4. Hound dog

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    I think Star hit it right on the head.

    Don't I recall you said he's not taking his medications??
  5. InsaneCdn

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    Layers of complications, of course. Mentally unstable people need a boring, stable, predictable life... and everything about their nature works against that. This is another transition... of COURSE Mr. Buck is going to have trouble with it. Whether he wants to or not.

    I just wish he didn't feel he has to take it out on DJ...
  6. susiestar

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    I wish he didn't feel he COULD take it out on DJ.

    I am glad Tony chewed him out about the pain medications garbage. and that Tony retired to bed with Janet instead of staying up with Buck. Part of me wonders if he stayed up with Buck for fun or because he ddn't really trust Buck to wander around the house all night alone? After all, Billy is up with him tonight, so maybe Tony thought he could get some sleep?

    he is on drugs, he is probably delusional and paranoid and many other things and I am sure that stupid and sociopath are two of them. I also think he is dangerous. Janet, pleAsE don't brush this request off. it may seem dumb, but if you will indulge me i would really appreciate it.

    Until Buck is no longer living in your home, and every time he comes to visit even for an hour, do NOT leave any food or drink near him or in a room that he is in. It is super super easy to slip something in someone's food or drink, even if other people are there talking with you. Buck does NOT want to move out and have bills and to pay for food or anything else. he is also very scheming and not above anything. He could easily slip something into your drink or food or even mouthwash if he wanted. If he poisoned a pitcher of tea then Tony would get sick, so he probably won't do that. He knows that f Tony can't work then there is no way for you to afford to have him there - and if Tony is sick you will have Buck out faster than Gordon can Flash. If Buck makes YOU sick then he could stay and 'take care' of you while Tony works. Best of everything for Buck - you too sick to question him or report on him at least for a couple of days, he loses the room, and Tony will NEED him to stay to "care" for you.

    if you have a drink or food, and you need to go potty, get new food/drink when you come back. Or take it with you.

    Yes, it sounds like I am paranoid. But this guy is manipulative and crazy and he is seeing that Tony is getting tired of him so he now has to find a way for Tony to NEED him in order to stay. making you sick or permanently damaged from something in your food would do that.
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    Janet, as the sun rises this morning.......only two more nights......

  8. DDD

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    If it weren't so serious, sigh, I think it would have been appropriate to share with Buck "Yes, I believe they are cloning people too. I understand the new people are all programed to be religious in thought, word and deed. They have a mission to eliminate unnecessary drugs and unhealthy food and beverages from our society. It should be a good thing." DDD
  9. 1905

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    Maybe that statement about cloning people was a way in for him to ask if his "clone" could live at your house, since he has no room at his new place. I wonder what other antics he's gonna try during the next 2 days.
  10. rejectedmom

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    Crossing everything that the end of Buck in your home is a done deed very soon! Glad Tony stood up for you finally. I also like Signorina's idea of a party for two on the first night of NOBUCK.
  11. hearts and roses

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    I think he is Looney-Tunes and creepy and dangerous. Maybe I'm paranoid like Susie, but I think she may be right about not putting anything past Buck. I believe he will do anything to be able to stay put. Be careful before and AFTER he leaves. Something tells me he will still be wanting to hang around your home, Janet, after he moves out. Be certain to lock all your doors and windows when you can and maybe even hang those Christmas bells on the doors so you hear them jingle when someone enters. I have them on my back door for no other reason than as an alert for me at night - originally to catch difficult child creeping in past curfew!
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    If he's supposed to be moving this weekend, the "antic" he could pull is that it's Easter and surely Tony wouldn't want him to spend a holiday by himself and would invite him over for Easter dinner! So if he's living in this little place all by himself I'm assuming that he won't have a TV and there won't be much there for him to do. And since he's not much of a reader, he won't even have that to occupy himself. So his next step would probably be trying to hang out at your house all the time so he can watch TV and have someone to talk to! And pretty soon he'll be right back to spending the majority of his time at your house even though he officially has his own place ... and then it will be like, "It's so late, might as well sleep here, have to be up early for work", etc., etc. Sorry but I don't think he will give up so easily just because he has his own place. He's not going to turn in to a responsible, self-supporting citizen overnight. He's going to keep right on trying to worm his way into your life and your home and trying to play on Tony's sympathies so he can sponge off of him. Getting his own place is a wonderful first step but I just don't think it's going to solve all the problems because quite frankly, the man sounds crazy as a bedbug!
  13. InsaneCdn

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    Uhhh... Donna? I think you just insulted the bedbugs.
  14. Hound dog

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    Those who believe they are "paranoid" about Buck, aren't being paranoid. At best, he's mentally unstable. But from what I've read in Janet's post he strikes me as paranoid schizo which can be dangerous in his case. Not all people with paranoid schizo are dangerous. But Buck has that potential, and Janet has been his target to make his plan work, and hasn't worked. When dealing with an unstable paranoid schizo, believe me, that can be a highly potential dangerous situation. There is a risk that Janet has shifted from Target to Enemy. And while that might sound like the same thing, trust me, it isn't.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if some odd, probably alarming behavior, doesn't surface in the days before the move.

    Janet, do whatever it takes NOT to be alone with Buck in the trailer. Even if it means going and sitting over and Cory's for an afternoon and playing with the baby.

    I don't know Buck so it's hard to be certain what he is capable of when pushed against the wall. (which is what he's feeling right now) But when my mom concocts such plans and they're thwarted.....the gloves come off and the crazy begins on the person who, in her eyes, thwarted her efforts. And it can get has also gotten quite violent.

    I hope I'm wrong and Buck just acts as weird as normal and goes quietly to his new place. But growing up with a paranoid schizo I learned before kindergarden it's better to be safe than sorry.

  15. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    "Uhhh... Donna? I think you just insulted the bedbugs."

  16. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I was gonna say out house rat....but like Donna - I had to consider the source. And I like rodents.
  17. DammitJanet

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    Ahhh...he is getting crazier yes. He is staying up until the wee hours of the night in the living room doing who knows what. Billy and I both find him just sitting out there in the dark with the TV on at like 1 or 2 am and when we ask him what he is doing still up he just says he is finishing watching this show. Thing is, he could do it on the TV in his room. I hear the door open and close time and time again. Obviously he is going in and out. Right now he is simply not talking to me unless it is about one of his paranoid subjects. He is getting phone calls from someone, I think its from this woman but not sure.

    Now about the boarding room...he does have a small tv he brought with him and I have offered him a 20" TV I have just gathering dust here that has been sitting around from some time in the past. He snubbed his nose at it. I assume he has a 13" because when I offered it, Tony said that it was much bigger than the one Buck already had and urged him to take it but he just walked off.

    I am worried about him being over here all the time for dinners and spending time but I have told Tony he isnt going to be Bucks entertainment center. I am trying to plan something for Easter so we can get out of him being there or make it uncomfortable for him. Maybe eating out or something like that. Normally Cory and Mandy do the rounds on holidays so possibly that would work unless they are specifically planning on being here on Easter day. I am "so sure" Buck will want to go to church on Easter ...gag we should leave for Dinner before his service is over...lmao.

    However we shall see how they handle today. I am very tired and sore today. I have had two majorly hard days in a row with going to two doctor's appointment's and today I am very sore. My knee is swollen and I can hardly walk. I have called Tony and told him to stop and pick up an extra pack of hot dogs and some buns so we can have hot dogs and fries for dinner. They are gonna have to make them and the dishes arent done from last night. Sorry. Was a rough day. I got some bad news at the doctor that I am gonna post separately about. They will have to deal.