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  1. Hi all.
    We are beyond frustration with our sons situation.
    He is 16, diagnosed with PDA and ADD.
    He soils his pants everyday.
    We have tried plenty of specialists, psychiatrists, psychologist...no one can help us.
    We tried punishment, rewards, ignoring...nothing seems to help.
    He needs to clean his own clothing after soiling.
    Is there any one who can give any advise on how to cope with this?
  2. BusynMember

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    What is his diagnosis?
  3. Crayola13

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    I read your post from September. Maybe make him wear a diaper. I have noticed a connection between Obsessive use of video games and soiling. I think I would throw that Xbox out the window, rather than just take it away for the day.
  4. Estherfromjerusalem

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    Hello Sunshine!
    It's been a long time since I've replied to anyone about encopresis.
    Is this new, his soiling every day? Or has it been happening for years?
    Have you been to a doctor? He should see a gastro doctor. If he still qualifies, then a pediatric gastro doctor.
    Love, Esther
  5. Copabanana

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    I agree with Esther about the pediatric gastroenterologist. There are all kinds of physical conditions that can cause fecal incontinence, over and above the emotional and psychological. And often the two are interconnected. Somebody can have urgency with one's stool which cannot be controlled, either by an emotional or physical catalyst or both. Maybe there's something wrong with the muscle tone with his anus. Or it could be a hundred other things. Some of the causes of bowel incontinence in children are quite simple and benign, such as a milk allergy.

    Of course the psychological can't be overlooked, but a gastroenterologist will know what to do.