Teenage daughter's problems keeping friends

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jody921, Feb 2, 2019.

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    I have a 14 year old daughter who just started high school this year. She is having a hard time making and keeping friendships. She had a nice group of six girls that she was friends with since elementary school and their friendships continued through middle school. But now in high school, one girl moved away, one goes to a different school, and although she occasionally hangs out with two of the girls, her best friend has started to alienate her, and exclude her from activities. She has tried to make new friends, but I find that she will hang out with a couple of girls for 2-3 weeks, then onto another couple of girls for 2-3 weeks, etc... and so she is feeling a little bit lost at the moment. My heart breaks for her; especially since she doesn't know why this is happening. She is very head strong, and has a great sense of humor; and speaks her mind; I don't know if she is annoying others because this? I just feel so badly for her, and I encourage her to make plans with "friends" for the weekend, because I don't like to see her sitting at home, it's hard because she can see on social media all of her friends together at events that she wasn't included in. Has anyone else dealt with this? I feel so helpless...
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    My best advice is for her to identify an interest and join a club or possibly two. Art, drama, music etc. she is likely to meet people in a club within a much smaller setting and even better, they will have something in common.

    This is probably an awkward time for many of the kids.