The answer is acceptance

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    I learned this today and it's a powerful and strong message, applicable to all.

    Forgiveness and especially acceptance is the way to calm yourself when you are stressed over anything. I went to my spiritual therapist today and had a two hour long amazing session.

    I learned that without acceptance of everyone and everything there is no peace and it's hard to move on. We all need to accept or suffer. Maybe I should have figured this out on my own. It's not that hard. But I needed to hear it and as soon as I did I felt as if my grandmother and father in spirit were smiling at me. It felt very right.

    I will choose to accept. I have had a peaceful, calm day and the exciting events happening next week will not be marred by lingering resentment over old issues I can't change or control. I feel I have a lesson to learn from all this...and since I strongly believe in reincarnation, I would rather learn it now than in my next life.

    From now on...I will try to use the famous true and wise saying of my father: "it is what it is." You were right, Dad.
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    I completely agree! Bravo SWOT!
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    Took me long enough lol! Thank you.