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  1. Teriobe

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    My counseling isnt going how i had planned, and to top it off she says to me, when your son gets out of prison "you" need to get him into long term counseling. Well, its not up to me to do anything. I spent 15yrs trying that already! I took him to rehab 2x. Hes 31yrs old, i am not doing anything! Yes long term help would be great, state ins. Doesnt pay for that. Inpatient. So i told her im not doing anything except detaching.
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  2. pigless in VA

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    Teriobe, I'd be telling her the same thing. Can you find a different counselor? This one doesn't sound like a good fit for you. I think his life is totally up to him.
  3. ForeverSpring

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    I would be finding a new therapist Sometimes a therapist is not our cup of tea.
  4. wisernow

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    i agree. Find someone that is all about helping you! Your 31 year old son needs to find his own path without dragging his mother through any more s**t! Hugs.
  5. RN0441

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    Agree with others. He isn't a child or even a "young" adult. He is a GROWN and hairy man I bet!
  6. pigless in VA

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    Teriobe, when my late husband was ill, I was seeing a therapist. She was very nice and kind but clearly wanted me to leave him. I had decided for myself that I needed to ride it out until the bitter end, because of my kids. She was not the right person to help me cope with living with a mentally ill spouse. I switched counselors and found someone to guide me through the worst days of my life. Your counselor needs to be for YOU not pushing you to get help for your adult son.
  7. mof

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    She should not even be speaking about him, but how you want to deal with the relationship or how you don't!!

    You owe him nothing