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    I am so sick of being my sons motivational speaker, or cheer leader. Hes getting ready to go back to prison again and i get postcards saying "my future doesnt look good" duh if you keep doing what your doing it wont get better. But i am tired of always trying to pick him up. Has he once asked how i was feeling during all this, no. Im going on vacation thursday, no getting calls or getting sad postcards for 10 days, i cant wait
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    I forgot to tell you, he went to prison for 4years i constantly sent motivational letters and sayings and stories. Then he was out for a yr, which i always talked with him about his future and said positive things. Now hes going back to prison. Im tired of kicking a dead horse
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    It is not your job to motivate your son. You have tried. The motivation has to come from him. You dont have to break your brain trying to find just the right motivational words that will make him see the light. And its not your job to keep his spirits up. He has to do that and it will happen when/if he does better.

    Love him, as we all do, but realize you can not do anything to make him want or feel better. Take that pressure off of yourself. This is his life, his path, for better or for worse. He will chose if he wants to change. No words you say can do those things for him.

    It is hard not to worry about them or to let go of their horrible choices, but we are powerless over their lives by adulthood.

    Have you ever gone to al anon or do you see a personal psychologist to help you cope? Either resource can save you. And you can only save one person...you. And you are worth it.

    Hang in there. Enjoy your vacation and take many!!
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    Thanks for that. I saw a psycologist last week, it was our first meeting, so she mainly just got background story. Work starts after vacation. I have been wanting to write my son a ling letter, basically telling him how much he let me down. But then i think of his feelings but than think he should know. So i will have to talk to dr about it. One good thing, the dr worked in the prison before so she knows their heads.