Ugh Buck...back on the chair

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Of course Tony is home and Buck has taken up his throne.

    I was going to attempt to get him to get to work on the laundry Thursday but he took off around noon saying he was heading off to sell some necklaces so he could go buy his "medications". He came home around 7:30, about 10 minutes before Tony pulled in the yard so I am assuming he probably talked to him on the phone. Thats his MO if he is out of the house and is worried about getting home before Tony but doesnt want to be home with me all day.

    He came home, ignored me completely and only talked when Tony walked in the door. Of course Tony isnt there to see this so he would never believe me even if I told him. Ive learned not to say Buck is doing anything unless Tony knows he is doing it and Tony absolutely knows it.

    Well I think Buck got more "medicine" than just something prescribed because all he did all day yesterday was sit on his throne and nod in and out of sleep. He is doing that right now. He got up when Tony did this morning at around 5:30 and I got up about 7 and Tony was gone somewhere in his truck and he was sitting in the chair just snoring. I was banging away in the kitchen and nothing woke him up. I finally turned out the kitchen lights and turned off the tv because I could see no reason to have them on if he was just sleeping. About that time he sort of came to and snorted so I said if he was so sleepy he should go lay down. Personally I think he is on some illegal substance because I know what he is prescribed and unless he is taking way more than prescribed, he shouldnt be this doped up. Now that is a possibility because he has told me that he doesnt think his pills are working unless he can feel loopy off of them. He wants to feel that high feeling from them. I have told him he should tell his doctors if he feels loopy at all with them because that is not right and a symptom of taking too much of the medication. He doesnt believe me. He wants to chase the high. Of course, he is an addict but he wont admit it to anyone. Least of all his doctors.

    He is lying constantly now and simply has given up trying to even attempt to find anywhere else to go. Tony wont even consider attempting to find him somewhere to go because he is convinced this disability is going to be approved on the first attempt. I have no idea what they are going to do if it isnt because that is when I am simply going to have to put my foot down and tell Tony he cant live here until his hearing comes through. Tony well knows how long a hearing can take and he knows I cant take him that long.
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    Maybe you could video him. Say the day and time or make sure its marked on the recording.

    Tony could see how high he is then........
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    Buddy has an idea there.......

    I can tell you if he lived in this area he'd have a high chance his disability would be approved first time around. I dunno why that is just is. Katie did biomom. Well when I went to lunch with biomom she is old and not moving like a young person......but no physical disabilities, seems the rheumatoid arthritis in her hands was yet another katie lie) and they gave it to her for memory issues. An idea katie most likely got from me because oddly enough biomom's issues are identical to mine. hmm

    If he hasn't worked as much as he's claimed he won't get disability he'll just get SSI which of course you know is lower. I'm sure I worked as much as Travis and the CW kept saying I didn't qualify for disability and refused the claim from the start. Bull crud. I worked 2 yrs full time and did 3 yrs part time with quite a lot of hours, especially during summer when other folks took vacation. Travis worked a year at walmart and 2 at kroger? uh, something is a bit fishy there. But when I do it again we'll see as I'm making easy child do it in person not online. They'll **** well look it up and tell me how many hours it adds up to before I let them just toss out disability because I know it was at least as much as Travis.
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    Too bad it doesn't snow in NC, like it is snowing here. You could stick his throne outside and let him sit out there. Heck, you can still do it.
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    You have to have worked so much in the last five years. Might be ten but I don't think so. WHen we moved to our house after husband's grad school, I applied and was told that NONE of my work history counted. I worked until difficult child was so bad I had to stay home with him. But you have to earn at least so much and for so many quarters to get disability. But I had worked since age 14 and should have had MORE than enough, but still got denied. They denied it often enough and then said that it couldn't go back that far even with constant appeals, so I was SOL.

    I would apply as soon as you can.

    As for Buck, get him on video. Set up a webcam to stream to your computer and hide it in view of his throne. Should be easy to do and would give more than enough to prove to Tony that he isn't doing anything.
  6. DammitJanet

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    What really ticks me off is he sleeps like that all day and then complains he cant sleep most of the night! Well no duh. He goes into his room, turns on his tv and starts playing with his arts and crafts stuff. He never turns off his light. No duh he cant sleep. He just stays in there until he hears Tony get up and comes out and then sleeps in the chair. He knows most likely I wont be coming out at 4 or 5am.