Update on son


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I just wanted to give a quick update on how things have been going since my son came home from Juvenile Detention, I can’t say it’s hasn’t been a adjustment because it has, but so far things things have been good, he has been following the rules , even got a job as a busser at a high scale restaurant. I was able to get permission from courts for him to work because he is on house arrest. Having the job really lifts his self esteem & when he comes home he’s always happy. I pray this continues. I just wanted to give a update on the week. I finally feel a big weight lifted off my shoulders , but I know I also need to keep my guard up but for now I feel at peace.


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This is great news! It is tough to let the guard down, it is a defense mechanism that I often used. I probably do to some extent. Thanks so much for the update!


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Helpless. This is a marvelous update. I can't see how it could be better. I am thrilled about son's job. And thrilled that so much of weight has been lifted off of you. What a positive turn of events! I hope your son begins to see that there is another way that he can live his life. That he's been given a huge gift, and it's his job to protect it by good choices. We will all of us pray. Love.


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I always say having something to do makes a person less likely to get in trouble. That goes for adults, too.


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This is great news! I'm really happy to read that so far so good, and him working and having something to do is an excellent way to keep out of trouble.