Update on younger D c

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    i have been mostly posting on older D c and her fiasco with Marine boot camp. Older DGD is to return today.

    Younger D c has passed all her drug tests since being released from her 28 day residential treatment. I even asked her court services officer to call her in two days early and that was clean too. I was worried as she spent three nights at her dads, while husband and I went out of state for my nephews funeral. I was afraid if she used, she would be clean by Wednesday when her next appointment was set up.

    So I will take victories where I can find them.

    Older D c returning home is going to put a kink in our lives. I am afraid she may be staying with us as the situation at her dads (my son) has changed. Basically, there isn't room for her because sons girlfriend has moved in her teenage son. Plus, D c never followed the expectations they had for her living there...work and /or school.

    I am afraid the stress of having older sis at our home will be a stressor for younger sis. But, I don't think older sis will stay here long and follow rules. I am sure she will find a friends place to crash at soon.