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I found a useful podcast on Audible, called Philippa Perry's Families in Crisis. It focuses on the families and carers of addicts and people with mental health issues. I found I could really relate to some of the families. Just a warning - some of the episodes don't have have good outcomes. Some of the young adults being discussed have passed away.

The woman hosting the podcast is a psychologist and I found the way she conducts the interviews empathetic and her insights informative. Just thought some of you might be interested.


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Thank you MissLulu For this information. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I work. I hope things are going well with your son and I hope things are going well at your rent home with him in it.
I have a friend that I volunteer with at the museum. He is a wonderful gentlemen age 36, well rounded, well educated in many areas. My daughter and her boyfriend came to visit me at the museum and met my friend. After he met them he started to send me podcasts on psychopaths. My friend smells a rat. I think my friend is truly concerned for my safety.

One of the podcasts my friend sent to me was 'Dirty John' about a male nurse psychopath that has caused a wake of destruction. It's about a beautiful well off woman that falls in love with Dirty John and details the grief he has caused her and her entire family. He may have seen something in my daughter's boyfriend that reminded him of Dirty John.