Using hallucinogens to treat PTSD/autism/TRE

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    Does anyone have knowledge of this? Or participates/know someone who has participated in a study?

    I have been seeing so much information in medical journals about the effectiveness of lsd and pscilocybn in treating many mental/emotional disorders. Even offering the blind some experience with visual sensation.

    I know it's been used in therapeutic treatment for soldiers and other trauma victims.

    Any knowledge would be appreciated?
  2. DadInProgress

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    Also curious if anyone has tried electro stimulation for any disorders? If it was successful.
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    OMG. That stuff caused many of my friends to literally lose their minds and need long term hospitalization. One girl tried to kill herself because she felt like a ghost and couldn't take how she felt. She was already in the hospital and a housekeeper left out some bleach. She almost died. Her dad was a lawyer so it didn't go well for the hospital. This was LSD.

    I heard of ketamine being used for some things but I would never put anyone on something that screws with your mind to the point of psychosis. May as well use ECT. Some people claim good results from ECT but I wouldn't use it.

    Of course it is up to you but you are not even sure what is wrong with your daughter yet. I have heard better things about EMDR and tapping. Have you looked into that? Are you certain what is wrong

    Good luck!!!
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    This isn’t for my daughter. I would never risk that. More just a question about new treatments and where the science is going...I thought water cooler was for non parenting topics.
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    It is but thought it sounded like a parenting question. Sorry

    I wouldn't use a hallucegenic on anyone. Grew up during LSD times and nothing good came of it that I saw
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    Yeah this is purely curiousity that came from researching PTSD treatments. It is surprising so I wanted to know more. Pot gave me my first panic attack and I never touched anything again.